Monday, December 04, 2006


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Yayer! Another weekly fav! The spirit of XXX-mas is on it's way, and I'm especially feeling more giving than receiving. But check out my few IMPORTANT, delicious,and bangin weekly fav's.

p.s thats my fav picture of me and my girls..cause I lov'em soooo much.
Lauraaaaa xoxoxo

1. Please donate to any charity organization. My favorite organization is UNICEF they give children new homes and food. ... So Ashley didn't know what to get her man for his birthday, so in his NAME she donated a small bed mattress and bed frame for a child in Africa, he will be receiving a certificate of THANKS.. So, if you guys don't know what to get for your friends or a loved one this Christmas, this would be a perfect gift. :) Give a child in need a chance to live ....


My fav film for the week, I had the chance to rent "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore. Amazing movie about the global effects of Global Warming. Serious effects are occurring right now for example " The Hurricane in New Orleans ", in about 50 years from now our children will not be able to have any natural resources such as water, gas, and fresh air. It IS NOT a theory, these are actual facts. If we all don't act now, our generation can suffer serious consequences. PLEASE GO SEE THIS FILM. F.Y.I. You can rent this film @ any Blockbuster.


My fav " WAH Magazine " .. seriously addicted and seriously on the ball. Hot issues about new gear, jewelry, music, art, just a FUN ASS creative FEMININE magazine. Plus you can download each issue, but I suggest you purchase each one! But they also have a hot blog. Check it out, if you havent already!



BONTERRA BONTERRAAAAAAA. Delicious.. My wine pick of the week. "Bonterra" Muscat The Bontera vineyards located in northern bay area of Ukiah, Mendocino county. Snag this delicious white wine, sweet more like a dessert wine. Very tart and smooth, I definitely recommend if you prefer organically grown grapes.
Bonterra Muscat


Last but nott least.. "Ojon" hair product. If you feel your hair is getting nappy or drying out! All natural Restorative Hair Treatment
THE hair rejuvenator contains 100 percent Ojon palm nut oil to improve the condition of damaged, color-treated. Fortifying, rebuilding, and nourishing, it leaves hair extraordinarily shiny, silky, and manageable. Love this shit!! Put on before bed and cover your sheets. You will have new hair by the next morning! You can snag this at
"Sephora" for $21 for the small oz or $51 for the larger oz. THE SHIT!! PICK IT UP!

6. And this little bad boy.