Monday, January 30, 2006

bb$Q coverage...

LA's finest... i mean funnest... coverage @ and and


- bb$

Sunday, January 29, 2006

bb$ party party photos at josephs.

bbQ bartmitzvah?

It was a reunion out at Lax's house last night -- while everyone bid farewell to Natalie and Maria. The food was gone within 2 hours of preperation (ya fuckin pigs!)... just kidding. We had everything and a lot of it. Glad to have everyone out. There were a lot of special faces there and it made the bb$ smile. I'm just going to leave the rest of the drunk story to the photos.

The Hundreds x Fuct x BB$ x Fucking Awesome x UNDFTD x Freshjive x SW x Casual Suspects (CSBC) x Acme Game Store x Active x San Diego x Kathie Lee Gifford Signature Clothing.

nat and maria get crunk off margaritas n shit.

isaac cooking up some shit on the grill.

maria and her gat... don't fuck around with this ho... she'll blast you with margaritas in her mouth.

des and her favorite person - jack daniels.

chris and reza preparing shit at the grill.

PARTY FAVORS!!! (booze, star glasses, water guns, cupcakes, booze...)

radd (digital gravel), ray (mighty healthy), and bobby (the hundreds) love us.

chad the shoemaster manning the grill for a minute... nick (diamond) and diz wait for him to whip them up some hebrew national franks or some shit...

nick (diamond, nat, and diz.

ray from mighthy healthy and lax... drunk.

BB$ -- JUST CREW IT ... and reza and chris sneaking in (wannabe babie$)

lax and laura and the party favors.

bb$ says fuck what ya heard.

good girls.

natalie, randy, lax, and steph... 5 star trapper keepers.

bb$ x randy and steph.

Ran out of meat, so everyone started making quesadillas, so Laura's grubbin on one.

moet? say what?

shut up scottee (the hundreds) and tony (csbc) hangin.

james (blu jemz), and willie (willow) -- two of our favorite djs + people.

this is benny hundreds. he's a hunk.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

say wha? a BB$Q?

beers, bitches, booze, brown babie$, blunts, boards, bikinis, bootlegs, barty favors, booty bass, bbq bonanza.


tonight @ the brownbabie$ mansion (aka Lax's house)...
if yall didn't know ... you sleepin.

- bb$

Friday, January 27, 2006

fuck what ya heard.

p.s. so ya like blogs aye? peep a-rons GLOB... at

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


BB$ are busy girls this week. Bidding farewell to a fellow baby is heart-wrenching and quite difficult... so what do we do? -- have a party. If you didn't know, our party in conjunction w/ The Hundreds, Plain Gravy, Stonesthrow, URB magazine, etc... will be the jump off, @ Josephs in Hollywood. We are bidding farewell to the lovely Maria and Natalie. They are packing their shit up finally and are mapping our their roadtrip to NYC. Do not fear LA heads -- they will return and visit frequently, as well as NYC heads -- we are bringing a little LA flavor and lots of fun and love, yall.

Some other news -- Spring Tees will be out in February... I know yall anxxxious ladies have been asking what's up... you will be amazed.

it's a LA thing.

We had a photo shoot today at Brooklyn Projects with some LA family brands: Diamond, Plain Gravy, Digital Gravel, and The Hundreds. It's gonna hit newsstands in URB's 15th anniversary issue within a month. LA rollin deep...


Sunday, January 22, 2006

bb$ takes over asr/agenda.

BB$ was in full effect in San Diego this past weeked for ASR/Agenda tradeshows. Thanks to everyone who showed us a good time in San Diego and helping us around. We attended the KAYO/LRG/DGK party on friday, where our personal friend Ghostface was performing at. Shit was off the hook. The next night we held it down @ Supra's party @ the HOB, SD... free drinks and Z-trip... can't complain. Here are some photos from our friend mark from We just got home so we are catching up with some LA biz, so sit tight for more photos and updates about our weekend.

Friday, January 20, 2006

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