Friday, March 30, 2007

March Mustache Madness

Our beautiful bay area good girls are throwin it down tomorrow night. If you're in town you gotta check this out. P.S. This flyer is fucking awesome. Props KimBillion.
xo. -Ashwee

Goodbye LA Fashion Week

Here are a few pic's from my top designers representing Los Angeles. Unfortunately our fashion week ain't insane as New York, Milan, Paris, and London. But Los Angeles definitely contributes to a major part of the fashion industry. Such as the leading resort wear and casual apparel in the entire market. We carry hundreds of manufacturing centers in the heart of the LA garment district. Thats why I love this city, you can always get cheap fabric and manufacture products at a great price. LA will forever live and breathe for fashion.

Amazing looks for fall
-Inverted Pleats
- Bold graphic prints
- Lovely Lace
- Sequined cocktail dresses
- Mod looks
- Rocker chic... excluding (Ed Hardy)...Not our taste what so EVER.

Joey Tierney

Crispin & Basilio

Rami Kashou

A sophisticated palette of black and ivory started off the Charlotte Solnicki runway show on March 22 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios.

As Is by Alvin Valley


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Love New York

Tell me, where else can you get a pizza big enough to fold, have a cab driver tell you to "fuck off", and see Farnsworth Bentley crunked off his ass freaking every girl in the club? Only in New York my friends. Peep some pics from my trip:


I had to go paparazzi at the airport...Beyonce's pops chillen.

1:30 a.m. about to catch a cab to the club. This is why I love NYC.


Hollywood Times 100.

Times Sq.

You can always find a way to hustle in NYC.

Even the kids got their nail game on lock in NYC.

Don't we all?

This girl asked if I was into three-somes. Do I smell skank?

The BB$ channel. I had to.

Our NYC brownbaby Natalie working at saucing me up with Long Islands all night=)

XO -Ashley

Monday, March 26, 2007

Parra x Stones Throw

Yes, I guess it looks like I am the official events queen, but really I'm just trying to expose and open up minds -- things a lot of people should try. Also, I can't front on my talented STH familia, and my talented friend Parra, therefore I URGE you to come to this amazing event.


It’s on the early tip (7pm – 10pm)

Music by Stones Throw Records: J.Rocc, Egon, Jamie Strong & Special Surprise Guests!
Open Bar | VIP Giveaways
Free w/ RSVP:

The Standard Hotel - Downtown
550 S. Flower St
LA, CA 90071

* Brought to you by:, Etnies Plus, Coke Zero, & Anthem Magazine
Parra - Bio:
30-year-old Dutch illustrator and designer Parra has decorated the Amsterdam underground with his playful, bizarre graphics that span a broad base of themes, from introspective to audacious and bawdy. The mostly self-taught artist seems to channel a Vintage form with curves, yet with a decidedly modern, post-pop approach. His vibrant images, which feature a distinctive hand-drawn feel, can be seen printed on paper in various exhibitions around the globe, on a flyer for a club near you, on the sleeve of a record, on billboards and silkscreened on tees which has resulted in collaborations with the likes of acclaimed companies Nike, Etnies Plus, Zoo York, Heneiken, Nirvana (Book Cover), Stones Throw, The Hundreds & countless others. Parra is represented by the London based agency Big Active . For more information, check out

- Laxxxy

Get Ya' Fetish On!

What up world, it's Laxxx checking back in from LA, returning back from the WMC in Miami this weekend. I have to say that being my first time in Miami, I did it up, but according to friends, I only hit the tip of the iceberg -- but gladly a member of the ONE MORE DAY crew. Anyways, I will post up another post about the trip -- including photos from the Stones Throw and Ed Banger parties, and a whole lot of nonsense shortly after this post, so let me not get ahead of myself!

Just wanted to give the bb$ blog readers out in the LA area about Insa's opening reception of "Graffitti Fetish" this Saturday March 31st from 7pm to 11pm @ the Project Gallery with DJs BLU JEMZ and PUBE$. Is it the first ever LA exhibition for famed London artist INSA. Pieces from his Graffiti Fetish collection for Kangol, featuring his distinctive high heel motifs, will be on display. Space is extremely limited. You must RSVP at

- L A triple X

Vegas Black & White


Thursday, March 22, 2007

We Out!

All apologies for the lack of updates ya'll=( We're not lagging...just doin the damn thang. I (Ash) will be hoppin on a plane to NYC in a few hours. Laura's going to Vegas...bring home the bacon, girl. And Lax is in Miami working hard for Stones Throw and Turntable Lab and hardly working=) We'll all be back in L.A. by Monday to get back to BB$ biz. Get ready for the new gear to droppppp!

xo -Ashwee

Monday, March 19, 2007

Marc Jacobs back in rehab.

Undoubtedly one of my favorite designers and probably yours, Marc Jacobs, enters rehab again for drugs and booze, when he relapsed after being sober for 7 years. The day after he revealed his latest Louis Vuitton collection in Paris during Paris' Fashion Week, he immediately left after, and checked himself into rehab. Marc celebrates his 10th year as Creative Director at Louis Vuitton. On a good note, this year, Marc is expected to launch a lower-priced line, M3, which will "boast lower price points than his other collections and ensure his presence in all areas of the retail sector."

Here are some photos of Fall/Winter Vuitton I can't stop gawking at.

Signing Out for now, but not for long,

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ladies Still Love Him<3

Kangols, throwback jerseys, Tims...damn remember Fubu? Hip Hop definitely drags around the curse of being trend-based culture. Don't act like ya'll didn't think a jean-on-jean fit wasn't cool when L.L. first rocked it!!! It's awkwardly surreal to have finally lived long enough to see how fashion recycles itself rather than your parents just telling you it does. Check out L.L. Cool J's evolution in style...'87-now. P.S. Okay, my underlying reason for posting this bulletin was for all you sneaker heads to stop acting like your shit don't stink when you rock a dookie-rope chain (no pun intended). L.L. was one of the originators, not that cool dood you saw on Myspace.
Check it out:

Mama Said Knock You Out! -Ashley<3

mmm hmm.

Damn. What a blessed man... lol

Pup Update

So far we named one of them Wiskey.... Naughty ass puppies.. I visited them on Saturday to pick out which one I wanted. They need one more month with their moms. So here are a few pics to make you smile if you're having a shitty day..

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Knife Throwing Mothers

Hahah I dunno I guess we're feeling these old 50's clips..
These women we're bored cooking and cleaning so they formed this crew!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

yo bapestas.

ok this has gone too far.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why you hab no boyfriend?

Ladies tell me this ain't the truth?

Hilarious...Thank you Anjelah Johnson for telling it like it is!!

The bb$ girls.. I DO FOR YOU!! I DO FOR YOU!!

Late Hour Shifts

Another weekly meeting...