Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ladies Still Love Him<3

Kangols, throwback jerseys, Tims...damn remember Fubu? Hip Hop definitely drags around the curse of being trend-based culture. Don't act like ya'll didn't think a jean-on-jean fit wasn't cool when L.L. first rocked it!!! It's awkwardly surreal to have finally lived long enough to see how fashion recycles itself rather than your parents just telling you it does. Check out L.L. Cool J's evolution in style...'87-now. P.S. Okay, my underlying reason for posting this bulletin was for all you sneaker heads to stop acting like your shit don't stink when you rock a dookie-rope chain (no pun intended). L.L. was one of the originators, not that cool dood you saw on Myspace.
Check it out:

Mama Said Knock You Out! -Ashley<3