Monday, March 26, 2007

Get Ya' Fetish On!

What up world, it's Laxxx checking back in from LA, returning back from the WMC in Miami this weekend. I have to say that being my first time in Miami, I did it up, but according to friends, I only hit the tip of the iceberg -- but gladly a member of the ONE MORE DAY crew. Anyways, I will post up another post about the trip -- including photos from the Stones Throw and Ed Banger parties, and a whole lot of nonsense shortly after this post, so let me not get ahead of myself!

Just wanted to give the bb$ blog readers out in the LA area about Insa's opening reception of "Graffitti Fetish" this Saturday March 31st from 7pm to 11pm @ the Project Gallery with DJs BLU JEMZ and PUBE$. Is it the first ever LA exhibition for famed London artist INSA. Pieces from his Graffiti Fetish collection for Kangol, featuring his distinctive high heel motifs, will be on display. Space is extremely limited. You must RSVP at

- L A triple X