Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I-D MAG takes a peek @ BB$

So check it out ladies and gents, your beloved favorite babies are featured in the newest Oct issue of I-D Mag.

(click for larger image)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

LA to the BAY part Deuce

As you know we recently had thrown part 2 of our bay area-hyphyjuice-supersleeezy-extravaganza this past weekend @ this adorable art gallery/bar called 111 Minna in San Fran, with the likings of Huf-set!, Diamond, Mama, and Shalom. First off, I arrived at 9 pmish to the gallery for sound check with Blu Jemz, there already was a line going down the block and around the corner, it was pretty crazy to see how much support and how amped people were for the night. I assumed everyone came early to cop the limited tees we had printed up... 30 huf+bb$+diamond+shalom mens tees, and roughly 30 mama+bb$ womens tees -- they're fly, limited, and free -- can't hate on that. In attempts to improve the blog as well as the website, I have decided to create another wonderful photo post of our bay area trip. I (Lax) accompanied by Blu Jemz, Vgrnts, Ian Breezy, Laura, Ash Money, and Coco took photos through out random legs of our weekend. Stunts, Blunts, Booze, and Shoes... and a whole lot of all over print and all I can say. Part 3 will be coming around soon and we have lots of fun instore, but meanwhile fall into the surreal life of our photos. Photo credits go to Ian Breezy, Vgrnts, Miss Laura Murda, and randoms on the street.

Look out for a limited run of our "Ice Cream" tees and our upcoming line...

- Laxxxy

So the journey begins... me and Jemz take a 45 min flight from LA to Oakland, while the girls start their 6 or so hour drive up... No tvs mean time to waste.

Hi Jemz.
ahhhhhhhhhh... Welcome to Oakland...

Jemz and I wait for the Bart.

Ian, Me, and Mega @ Huf... just harrassing each other.

The line outside of 111 Minna @ 9:30ish...

Telling it like it is -- to the world.

Ezra keeps it true.

Coco and Ash keeping it stylish.

Act Live and Vgrnts reppin LA.

Parked bikes outside of Minna.

Dj Supreme.

H y p h y ?

JP (Digital Gravel) brought the original NES + mad games to my moms house for my sisters, therefore I love him 100x more than I previously did.

Laura and Kim(Good Girls) who is very amazing and a great host. She's our favvv.

Nick (Diamond), Laura, Coco, and Ash @ Super Sleezy.

Laura and Me -- after about 50 drinks each.

Jacob, Diz, his lovely lady, and some fam.

Dj De (Huf).

Laura aka Appolonia

Chump-juice and Coco.

Jacob (Shalom) + Ian Breezy (SlamxHype, bb$) + Nick (Diamond) gettin crunnnk.

Line @ midnight.

Extended hyphy famalam.

Geo, Vgrnts, Laxxx, Laura, Kim, and Ash -- we went for an afternoon Bloody Mary run.

Coco and Vgrnts.

Ash is such a lil Hucci.

This is Laura... shmokin a shiggie.

Here are a bunch of pics of the girls actin sillay...

The robot chick downtown


Fuckd from the Vaporizer..

Ash drankin up the Stoli @ kims

Mr. Stezzy ABDUL @ Milk

Ok Coco...

BrownbabyJesus Cellus & Coco...amen.

Home @ Kims(GG)..relaxin

Small clip from super stezzy.

Supa small of Ashley on the stage @ Milkbar

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Birthday Bonzana.

Soo if yall didnt know, it was Boobs' 22nd Sept 19th (happy belated right?). This girl was counting this shit down for a whole damn month. Anyways, the birthday was a highly anticipated night at Lotus for the 1992 party part deux. The ladies got to Destinys' (intro further down) bar she manages, Underbar. Few martinis and tequila shots surrounded by candles and red velvet cushion walls, the girls were ready to move on from lush and get motherfucking crunk. On to Lotus where Des got bombarded with FlightclubLA stickers all over her back like a moron, Des2 started feeling her 3rd shot, and Nat lived it up SWV style.
For some reason the party with the girls escalates to outside and we were held courtesy with our own dandy paparazzi fool. Thanks john ha.

Heels stuck in vents, ripped Miss Sixty jeans, and nicely coifed 60s do getting wrecked.. all in thanks to the lovely drinks yall bought us ladies.
BB$ do it up.

Pictures speak for themselves guys.

All smiles, before the shit creeps in.

throw it up.

20 minutes later. I kid, I kid. No but really, 20 fucking minutes?

nice kicks ladies....and john.

The crowd?

Boobs has a tendency of doing shit thats pretty unnecessary.

the hell you doing girl?

cop a feel? nah.

he just wanted des2 to touch his face.

youse a na$ty girl.

the return of the b.

carlo gets mad love from the ladies.

Des2 kept pulling this crap the entire night. she doesnt get along with the camera.

Nat fell and landed on this bench, in that exact form. AMAZING.

Its a wrap for boobs.

Need I say more?