Friday, March 31, 2006

Cute little write up.


its our blog and we can post loose photos if we want to.

another night -- another bottle.
cha cha lounge w/ macky from active, and jay and kale from ├ęs.
HOLLER @ the fam.

Also peep out another new flavor revealed by Lax. APRIL shit drops. GET READY and GET IT RIGHT.

aNYthing + Sarcastic present: Rub n Tug in LA

see yall there.

April 1st
10 - 7 pm
cover + drink$.

Click here for more info

beauty and the bar.

Mark your calendars ladie$. Free makeovers say what? Who wouldn't want to get their eyebrows plucked, toenails done, and get yr prom make up on for free by professional make up artists while drinking a jack and coke or sour apple martini (whatever floats your boat)... well the babie$ can't pass this up. Come early -- if you are one of the first 50 victims -- i mean ladie$ -- Lax will give you a free gift bag full of goodies. Boys are welcome too -- so don't think we forgot about yall.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another PSA:

Brought to you by the brownbabie$.

Maria says - "Get a tan then get loose -- the appropriate South Beach diet."

Masta Killa says...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

bb$ reunite


NY newscap via a la boobies:

My first plane ride ever and I was welcomed with open arms in lovely Lower East Side. I had such a wonderful time and the weather was even quite pleasant. It was Phil (Reason) birthday and the na$ty nat and desboobs came in to ring it in brownbabies style. Nat and I painted the town red at alot of spots but really held it down at happy endings. Lets just say when Nat gets a little too much patron in her system, she starts going after people with her teeth. Rob of mightyhealthy can for sure back that up!

Ladies if youre ever in uptown, hit up the dominican nail spots. They fade your shit mad nice and sing to you at the same time. Hell they might even take your picture..

Didnt really do all the touristy spots (only cause ill be back realll soon) but I must hand it to you New York.. you sure do know how to win a brownbaby over. Loved the Grays papayas, the family at sway, and canal street.

I got back into LA last night and just in time for the Union LA party tonight.
See all youse regulars, dont forget to buy us ladies a whiskey and coke.

-des brownbabyboobsone.

brooklyn projects grand opening of new store. holler @ it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

des is ny bound.

so go show her around -- if you're not in Miami of course.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

J-M-P every Wednesday!

That's right mother fuckersss... Stones Throw + Beat Junkies bring you JMP every Wed night @ the Knitting Factory, Hollywood. 10 pm, drink specials, $5 to get ya head right.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


sorry sorry sorry -- lack of updates -- shame on us. we know. we know, so stop telling me what's up with the blog because it'll be updated a lot more. APRIL APRIL APRIL LADIE$! tell your men to $ave up some ca$h so they can splurge on you for your brownbaby apparel needs, and that's word. DROPPING WORLDWIDE -- and on digital gravel too -- for you weirdos that don't leave your computer.

so what else is there to report? Well the brown bunnie$ on the east are holding it down -- grammer shots (maria) and her east coast tour from miami to philly with Amanda Blank that's what -- and Natalie getting mad love from Lupe Fiasco and holding down Stussy-- go visit her. As for the babie$ on the west -- Des is workin hard at Grey One so go visit her as well, and Lax is holding it down @ Stones Throw so go buy albums from them.


(sorry bobby had to steal it. love you)


Monday, March 13, 2006

Wednesday Nite @ Turntable Lab, LA

Come thru on March 15th for some free beer, good music, and bb$ @ the Turntable Lab, LA (across from Canters + Supreme) for their Wednesday Nite Primer (instore) -- featuring Kudu and Afrodisiac Sound System on the tables from 8 - 10 pm. Don't forget to tip Lax. HOLLER AT THAT.

- bb$

bb$ girls can skate.

Sorry for the lack of updates, as we prepare for the drop of our spring/summer line.

Also -- we are composing an all girl skate team -- so if you are a fly chick that can cut grip tape and skateboard as sexy as the other ho -- we are looking for you. Submit us a video, a lil bio about you, anything you want -- and everything will be forwarded to our skate team manager Eli Reed for consideration. Please email for the address.

Thanks babie$!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Grey one party aka the cake fiesta.

Finally posted some photos from the grey one party -- here's a few -- there's more to come. Oh yeah and we are diligently working on updating our website, please be patient and please direct your friends here.