Monday, February 27, 2006

Tomorrow night yall.

Everyone come out to the opening of the new greyone!
theres going to be cake!

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Begas Babie$.(NEW PHOTOS!)

We finally have returned from Vegas and boy was that shit fun. Of course sitting over 8 hrs in the convention center for Magic can drive a person slowly insane but we made the best of it and met lots of new people, exposed our new spring/summer line (which we got mad love for) and wiled out at night. 3 days, 3 hours of sleep total, and Lax w/ a cold. Camera died, so can't upload photos yet, but for the meanwhile check out the hundreds and the mighty healthy websites for the BATTLE OF THE BLOGS -- there's mad photos there.

Also the new line will be dropping April... SO KEEP AN EYE OUT. Lastly, shout outs to The Hundreds, Mighty Healthy, Grey One, Mishka, King Stampede, Sci-Fen, MAMA, Reason, Once Upon A Time, 10 Deep, UnderCrown, American Apparel, Ubiquity, URB, and Crooks and Castles for the love.

- bb$

MIGHTY HEALTHY X BROWN BABIE$ -- Des and Lax working real hard

Mike & Erik (Mishka) give great face with Dennis (mightyhealthy)

BoroughBred, Mama, BB$, J.Money, and The Hundreds takin' over.

Des, Dennis (Mighty Healthy), Lax

Des and Rob(mighty healthy) looking real excited.

The bb$ loves Ray from Mighty Healthy long time.

Scotty ill and bri BB$

BB$ x Mishka!

Vapors Party

Bobby Hundreds, Lax Money, and Good ol jp (digital gravel) holding down the greyone table.

Ray and Jerry(greyone), fam to the fullest.

The night gets blurry.

And even more hazy... RUCKUS AT OUR TABLE!

The brownbabydaddy takes care of his girls.

des loves dranks.

Ray doesnt even remember this picture.

dont ask.

Reason x MightyHealthy x Greyone x Diamond

Eli and Lax.

Peep the new shirt girls. It comes in all 4 flavors!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Talkin' Dirty the deaf-persons way...

It's not funny to IPrelay call somebody while they're at work, and hear the operator translate, "I liked the way you touched me last night brown baby" -- confusing that person over the relay system with someone else... And then hanging up because your boss is looking at you like a fucking moron when you keep on saying "go ahead" and keep on getting bombarded by sexual innuendos through the computer through the operator and back to me on my phone-- THANKS A LOT DES + GREG! Someone keep her company at our booth, my flights tonight -- see yall at magic. Over and out.

- Lax

Monday, February 20, 2006

pardon our lack of updates...

We have been preparing for MAGIC -- and we will be departing for an entire week to showcase our new spring/summer line for BB$. We got a contest coming up as well, but I got to finish packing, but I'm going to make the BB$ east coast chapter hook up the blog while we hold down Vegas. Come visit us (Lax + Des) at our booth at the campgrounds at MAGIC with THE HUNDREDS. Say hi, take some photos, bring us some beer... ya know...

see ya!

- bb$

Friday, February 17, 2006

r.i.p. to harold hunter - a legend.

they keep slipping... the good ones. much respect and love to the family and friends of Harold Hunter. He will be missed.

exceeding bandwidths and shit...

yeah bb$ is known to do that...

tomorrow night though -- come party -- downtown style.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

AGENDA footage.

Thanks to our boy Jake (brghtnghts) -- he put together a little video of the recent trip to ASR/Agenda which captures us, FUCT and BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK at the tradeshow.

You can directly peep the video @



digi grav massive sales party party this weekend yall.


Free Shipping off Orders over $100 on the site all day today, as well as there being a 50% off sale. Savings, savings, mo-fuggin savings.

They got some hot, cute, sweet and vicious women's Franklin & Marshall gear that you've never seen on the site. Shit will be gone real quick... especially at these low prices, so get your shop on and see you this weekend.

SAMPLE SALE: Digital Gravel
When: Friday Feb 17, 18, 19 2006
at 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Where: Digital Gravel
2000 Camfield Ave
Commerce, CA 90040

Link to Map

see yall there.

- bb$

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

viva las vegas

Des and Lax reep the fine benefits of valentines day candy and collect drinks at Cinespace last night. Place was ridiculously packed but none the less a great time.

MAGIC-MAGIC-MAGIC! is coming up and everythings gearing up to the release of the shirts. And you girls get ready for them, cause the shirts are amazing.
Come stop by our booth that we will be sharing with The Hundreds and give us some love and support. More info will be given as we receive it, but as for now Sin City here we come yall! Jack and cokes, lots of trashy to flashy shit, and crazy madness in packed hotel rooms. Yall know we can't wait. Las Vegas needs to come get ready for us, cause we'll be hitting that spot in full effect.

Nat and Maria are successfully holding down the NYC. Although there was a massive snow storm recently, those girls lived it up and even made time to make snow angels, 4 am, drunk. With jobs at Stussy, aNything, and stunts with Roxy of OxyCottonTail, NY is definitely given the proper welcome.
Be prepared cause those girls might be blowin up your spot soon.
LA misses yall.

Dont forget to check out Tofer of Plain Gravy's book signing release at the MOCA on Thursday.

over and out.

stones throw weekly -- holler @ it.

bb$ x stones throw.
be there yall, and get crunk with some of the freshest and world famous djs.

- bb$

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentines whattt?

More like break the bank and holler at me when you can afford me that Chanel necklace or tiffany earrings I been bugging you about -- fuck it get me some bamboos and take me to get my nails did. Kidding of course. I'm sure we know by now that Valentines Day is another holiday created by the masses -- in this case -- Hallmark and American Greetings (supposedly -- so I hear) to peak card and gift sales, bringing fat pockets to their C.E.O.'s... But really though what is valentines day? I can think back to my childhood when Valentines Day just meant a day where we can do arts and crafts (hearts and crafts) and eat conversation hearts, kiss boys without a reason, buy cards from the drug store and always leave out someone's name because you thought they thought you were their friend if you left them a valentine or just gave them the wackest one in the set. It has always been a question that has irked me for awhile, so I put the internet to use and googled it. After receiving results of Saint so and so and this and that I finally got some statistics -- money -- the reason behind it all.

Esther Howland, the woman who produced the first commercial American valentines in the 1840s, sold a then mind-boggling $5,000 in cards during her first year of business. The valentine industry in the United States has been booming ever since. Today, over 1 billion valentine cards are sent in this country each year -- second in number only to Christmas cards, according to the Greeting Card Association. (The happy day is also celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Australia.)
Around 85 percent of all valentines are purchased by women. In addition to cards, there are millions of boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses purchased (mostly by men) for the February 14 holiday.

When did the Valentine's Day frenzy begin? Scholars tell slightly different versions of the history of this popular holiday. In this article, we'll look at that history, with its Roman and Christian roots, as well as holiday traditions that have developed over the years. We'll also check out some old valentines and some new ones.

Who cares right? Well ok I don't care... As long as I score myself a free dinner, maybe some flowers (no roses -- cmon get original), chocolates, a bottle of moet, and a little lovin...I guess I can't complain.

seriously though -- just a random ramble. give your sweetie a big kiss.

BB$ love Valentines day.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

rest in power j.dilla

One of the most amazing producers/rappers past away Friday February 10th, early morning -- and has left a streak of broken hearts worldwide and has struck bb$ deeply. J.Dilla aka JayDee will never be forgotten. BB$ is affiliated with Stones Throw (Dilla's current label) thru Lax who is a member of the Stones Throw family, and the loss has hit home on different levels. With the relase of his newest album "Donuts" as well as celebrating his 32nd birthday on that same day, the 7th of February, the legacy of this man will continue thru his music and he will always be respected, loved, and remembered.

Last Saturday, February 4th, Dilla's Donuts listening party was held @ Union off La Brea. The party was filled with donut ho's (hot girls), donuts, open bar, LA's finest, and lots of candy and good music provided by the Stones Throw Dj's J.Rocc, and Peanut Butter Wolf. As a result of all this came the Union X Stones Throw X Boost Mobile X UNDFTD t-shirt.

(i stole those photos from shut up scotty! because people took all my shirts. - lax)

More about Dilla can be read @
and for the story.


Friday, February 10, 2006

bb$ in URB...

Coming out in the magic/pool issue in a couple weeks. Don't forget to pick it up.

- bb$, la to nyc.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

adventures from the road...

Driving clear across the country is no small task. But in the spirit of Thelma and Louise, Laverne and Shirley, ho and ho...we set out from LA in a Volvo station wagon and resigned ourselves to nature and the road, and whatever adventures may come...and they came, and then they came again, and then came some more...and basically every state we passed thru became a blogging opurtunity. There is a unique and distinct vibe from the wide open highway.Middle america is crazy y'all. The lot lizards, the truck stops, the weirdos, the jesus freaks, the weirdos, the greasy food, the redbull twitch, and the endless progression of that little white slash in the road. Texas held a cheapy motel, super wal mart and a bottle of red wine and Arkansas brought us together with Alisha, the most precious waffle house waitress ever. We were in no rush to get to our destination but at the same time we were so anxious and antsy that it became every third thought we had. It was a floating donut in the distance, New York City...the big Donut. The donut that never sleeps. And now, we never sleep...we're just trying to get a bite.

Love us. We love yous.


- Grammer Shot$ and Nat-no-lie

Saturday, February 04, 2006

fuck LA traffic.

This is what Lax and Des do when stuck in traffic... at 2 am in the morning... what the fuck LA?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

our #1 brown bunny...

Aaron La Crate produced "Oxy Cottontail" featuring Oxy Cottontail & Amanda Blank intro @

p.s. bb$ x oxy cottontail = brown bunnie$ -- shit is in the works...


- bb$

big apple babie$.

maria and nat are thelma and louise-ing it up as they cross country road trip their way to nyc from la, making stops in texas, bama, and nc...when they arrive to the big apple -- the girls will blog up their trip.. but for timing lets stare and miss their pretty faces.

make them feel at home, ny.