Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentines whattt?

More like break the bank and holler at me when you can afford me that Chanel necklace or tiffany earrings I been bugging you about -- fuck it get me some bamboos and take me to get my nails did. Kidding of course. I'm sure we know by now that Valentines Day is another holiday created by the masses -- in this case -- Hallmark and American Greetings (supposedly -- so I hear) to peak card and gift sales, bringing fat pockets to their C.E.O.'s... But really though what is valentines day? I can think back to my childhood when Valentines Day just meant a day where we can do arts and crafts (hearts and crafts) and eat conversation hearts, kiss boys without a reason, buy cards from the drug store and always leave out someone's name because you thought they thought you were their friend if you left them a valentine or just gave them the wackest one in the set. It has always been a question that has irked me for awhile, so I put the internet to use and googled it. After receiving results of Saint so and so and this and that I finally got some statistics -- money -- the reason behind it all.

Esther Howland, the woman who produced the first commercial American valentines in the 1840s, sold a then mind-boggling $5,000 in cards during her first year of business. The valentine industry in the United States has been booming ever since. Today, over 1 billion valentine cards are sent in this country each year -- second in number only to Christmas cards, according to the Greeting Card Association. (The happy day is also celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Australia.)
Around 85 percent of all valentines are purchased by women. In addition to cards, there are millions of boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses purchased (mostly by men) for the February 14 holiday.

When did the Valentine's Day frenzy begin? Scholars tell slightly different versions of the history of this popular holiday. In this article, we'll look at that history, with its Roman and Christian roots, as well as holiday traditions that have developed over the years. We'll also check out some old valentines and some new ones.

Who cares right? Well ok I don't care... As long as I score myself a free dinner, maybe some flowers (no roses -- cmon get original), chocolates, a bottle of moet, and a little lovin...I guess I can't complain.

seriously though -- just a random ramble. give your sweetie a big kiss.

BB$ love Valentines day.