Wednesday, February 08, 2006

adventures from the road...

Driving clear across the country is no small task. But in the spirit of Thelma and Louise, Laverne and Shirley, ho and ho...we set out from LA in a Volvo station wagon and resigned ourselves to nature and the road, and whatever adventures may come...and they came, and then they came again, and then came some more...and basically every state we passed thru became a blogging opurtunity. There is a unique and distinct vibe from the wide open highway.Middle america is crazy y'all. The lot lizards, the truck stops, the weirdos, the jesus freaks, the weirdos, the greasy food, the redbull twitch, and the endless progression of that little white slash in the road. Texas held a cheapy motel, super wal mart and a bottle of red wine and Arkansas brought us together with Alisha, the most precious waffle house waitress ever. We were in no rush to get to our destination but at the same time we were so anxious and antsy that it became every third thought we had. It was a floating donut in the distance, New York City...the big Donut. The donut that never sleeps. And now, we never sleep...we're just trying to get a bite.

Love us. We love yous.


- Grammer Shot$ and Nat-no-lie