Wednesday, February 15, 2006

viva las vegas

Des and Lax reep the fine benefits of valentines day candy and collect drinks at Cinespace last night. Place was ridiculously packed but none the less a great time.

MAGIC-MAGIC-MAGIC! is coming up and everythings gearing up to the release of the shirts. And you girls get ready for them, cause the shirts are amazing.
Come stop by our booth that we will be sharing with The Hundreds and give us some love and support. More info will be given as we receive it, but as for now Sin City here we come yall! Jack and cokes, lots of trashy to flashy shit, and crazy madness in packed hotel rooms. Yall know we can't wait. Las Vegas needs to come get ready for us, cause we'll be hitting that spot in full effect.

Nat and Maria are successfully holding down the NYC. Although there was a massive snow storm recently, those girls lived it up and even made time to make snow angels, 4 am, drunk. With jobs at Stussy, aNything, and stunts with Roxy of OxyCottonTail, NY is definitely given the proper welcome.
Be prepared cause those girls might be blowin up your spot soon.
LA misses yall.

Dont forget to check out Tofer of Plain Gravy's book signing release at the MOCA on Thursday.

over and out.