Friday, February 24, 2006

Begas Babie$.(NEW PHOTOS!)

We finally have returned from Vegas and boy was that shit fun. Of course sitting over 8 hrs in the convention center for Magic can drive a person slowly insane but we made the best of it and met lots of new people, exposed our new spring/summer line (which we got mad love for) and wiled out at night. 3 days, 3 hours of sleep total, and Lax w/ a cold. Camera died, so can't upload photos yet, but for the meanwhile check out the hundreds and the mighty healthy websites for the BATTLE OF THE BLOGS -- there's mad photos there.

Also the new line will be dropping April... SO KEEP AN EYE OUT. Lastly, shout outs to The Hundreds, Mighty Healthy, Grey One, Mishka, King Stampede, Sci-Fen, MAMA, Reason, Once Upon A Time, 10 Deep, UnderCrown, American Apparel, Ubiquity, URB, and Crooks and Castles for the love.

- bb$

MIGHTY HEALTHY X BROWN BABIE$ -- Des and Lax working real hard

Mike & Erik (Mishka) give great face with Dennis (mightyhealthy)

BoroughBred, Mama, BB$, J.Money, and The Hundreds takin' over.

Des, Dennis (Mighty Healthy), Lax

Des and Rob(mighty healthy) looking real excited.

The bb$ loves Ray from Mighty Healthy long time.

Scotty ill and bri BB$

BB$ x Mishka!

Vapors Party

Bobby Hundreds, Lax Money, and Good ol jp (digital gravel) holding down the greyone table.

Ray and Jerry(greyone), fam to the fullest.

The night gets blurry.

And even more hazy... RUCKUS AT OUR TABLE!

The brownbabydaddy takes care of his girls.

des loves dranks.

Ray doesnt even remember this picture.

dont ask.

Reason x MightyHealthy x Greyone x Diamond

Eli and Lax.

Peep the new shirt girls. It comes in all 4 flavors!