Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Bri's top five of the week!


Stay Golden: I need them!

Hannah Metz: Is truely the defintion of "aesthetically pleasing". It's almost as if this girl has lurked deep within my brain and took all of my fondest childhood memories and turned them into colorful displays of artwork. Each photograph or drawing seems as if it has an almost familiar scent or taste. I love her.

Frozen custard.

Natural beauty: I love this look! Oh how I envy those women that wake up in the morning and wear nothing on their faces,with the exception of maybe chapstick. Definately a good look,if you have really small pores. If not, you can always play it off with a bit of mascara and some concealer.

Artsy Parents: There is nothing cooler than "cool" parents, and when I say "cool" I don't mean the shitty ones that buy you cheap beer and bug you and your friends for weed in 7th grade. I mean the cute couples you see at art shows or music festivals holding hands with their adorable little toddler that has on some sort of cute mini version of their outfit and mohawk.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006




It always seems like after Thanksgiving the mood changes. Time for a new wardrobe, gift-giving, cuddling and being jolly and shit=) Here are a few things I thought fit into my favorite things this week for the new Winter season. Peep them...

Romance. Being a heartbreaker and around-the-way-girl is always fun, but having a man around this time always makes a girl feel good. Sushi dinners, 2 a.m. phone calls, browsing the pet shop, holding my waist because my heels are killing me…ughh it’s all so corny, but definitely a favorite of the week=)

Jay-Z “Kingdom Come”. I’ll admit, a lot of my music selection is like listening to 99.1 KGGI in ’92. I can’t help myself…reminds me of when I was a littleg girl rollerskating in my garage to these jams. But this week I’m digging this new album. Definately a soon-to-be classic.

Steve Madden leopard print booties (yes, they’re called booties). THESE ARE HOT. I spotted them the other day and am determined to scoop them up before all the imposter look-a-likes show up in the malls.

Noshi Sushi on Beverly Blvd. Sushi is like the perfect food. It’s cheap, tastes amazing and doesn’t make you feel like a heffer after you’re done with the meal. This is a MUST TRY spot…I can taste the spicy tuna roll now.
4430 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004


Laura's Eyes: Holiday RoadTRIPPIN.

This Babie traveled far north for Thanksgiving weekend for a little R&R
The most beautiful lush scenery ever, ACTUAL FRESH AIR, rain & snow storms, and a few truck turn overs..but Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington was just what I needed to get a spiritual awakening. I had the chance to experience an Indian drumming ceremony with about 45 people, it was a positive change from Hollywood and the weekly binge drinking. But we wer laced with the best herb from Canada and SF's Yucai all week just smoking and drinking wine with the family.. A small photo journal :)

A freakin rainbow. not enough of these in LA

Clouds rolling off the Oregon hills
Bellingham, Population : 956
Our good homie Nicks Tattoo of a Severed Bush Head on his upper thigh..amazing + a star on his forehead.
Laura walkin through the little town of Bellingham
Stopped by the GOODs store of Pike St. friendly chick workers, she explained why Seattle was lack of interesting stores to shop @ :/
Nike SB Dunks Three Bears Pack..funny ass shoes
25 degrees in Seattle
The Docks
JJ @ The Fish house. Best eats! in Seattle
Snow Business
The Indian man sculpted by Seth

P.S. This months URB magazine talks a little about the Brownbabies Website..keep posted cause we are definitely pushing out the goods real soon.

Laura BB$

Thursday, November 23, 2006


A Indian thanksgiving

A american thanksgiving

Happy day of THANKS! Getting together with your family and giving thanks for being able to wake up everyday..happy and healthy..and being blessed with amazing homies and loving fam!! But don't forget the indians(native americans) ...this is actually their day. Get fat, drink some wine, smoke a bowl with friends maybe the fam.. just relax and enjoy the simple things in life!

Holler.. Love The Brownbabies xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, November 20, 2006


Lack of updates -- yeah don't yell at us anymore. We are trying to get shit together, but for timing we started a new weekly post about our weekly favorite things. From lipgloss, new music, new nail colors, styles, movies, trends, gear, food and wine, kicks and boots, sex positions to art, ALSO anything random that consist of our daily brownbabies lifestyle. We hope you enjoy and can relate to what we feel is what is hot currently... coming from our different but mutual bb$ crue.

BB$ xoxoxo

Lovely Miss Laxxx Murda's picks for the week...

Neutrogena's All-Over Shimmer Sheers. With the fall/winter season screaming creamy and shimmery cheeks and eyes and lips this is the perfect product to accomodate the entire face... and comes in several tints, and it's non-greasy and non-sticky (Fuck that fly paper shit!) It's become a part of my make-up routine, and will probably continue after the winter season.

Clipse new Album " Hell Hath No Fury " .. glad they're back bringing back REALER raps about cocaine and miami, as well as more lazers in the beats. BITCH I'M TRILLL!

Not only because that's her day job, but Stones Throw teams up with Adult Swim to present their newest release " Chrome Children" -- music from Madvillain, J Dilla, Madlib, and many others - don't sleep.

Short Nails..this week, probably month, or season, short, well manicured nails are what's in but also what's comfortable, and that's always a plus. Vampy colors, million dollar reds, and black satin are going to keep you looking classy and fun at the same time, but also abling you to type a full message on your blackberry or sidekick without having 15 typos. My fav -- Chanel Black Satin and YSL Red Desire.

Laura's picks for the week...

Finally Tamia is back! My fav R&B singer new album " Between Friends" banging album for ladies night out.

Sigh. Copped these orange thigh highs..perfect for the season. If you don't want to be too covered up for winter.. snag some of these with a skirt & a turtle neck.

T on Fairfax LA ... yum. all vegan or vegetarian meals. Great teas, great atmosphere and free wi-fi. My fav place to grub on fairfax. Trust me just order the Grilled chesse or the BLT!
435 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, 90036

70's jumpsuits...gime gime.. what ive been hunting for at the thrift stores. luv to find buried treasure. Good for winter and its a damn one-piece your good to go..

Great flick of the week " Leon the professional" Released in 1994 ..Léon (aka The Professional) is a story of a lone hitman in New York who saves the life of a 12-year-old girl after her family is murdered. He insists that she leave the next morning but the girl, Mathilda, wants to learn to be a "cleaner" so she can avenge the death of her family. Natalie Portman is adorable in this movie.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Halloween in November?!

A major lack of updates. Sorry busy babies.. yada yada yada. Some pictures of our Harroween night from the Nike x Stussy x Turntable lab party @ the Nike house in Venice Beach. Free Booze so you know how we handled it. More updates A.S.A.P promise! BB$$$$$ xoxoxoxo.

haha Coco foreals.
Drankidy Drank
JJ (Andy Warhol), Coco, & Blu Jems (Egyptian Lover)
Ashleypoo (Waynes world) & Mike (Streetwear fanatic)

Dont remember takin this pic

L to Rght ( Paula Abdul, Marilyn M., Naughty Ragidy Ann )