Tuesday, November 28, 2006




It always seems like after Thanksgiving the mood changes. Time for a new wardrobe, gift-giving, cuddling and being jolly and shit=) Here are a few things I thought fit into my favorite things this week for the new Winter season. Peep them...

Romance. Being a heartbreaker and around-the-way-girl is always fun, but having a man around this time always makes a girl feel good. Sushi dinners, 2 a.m. phone calls, browsing the pet shop, holding my waist because my heels are killing me…ughh it’s all so corny, but definitely a favorite of the week=)

Jay-Z “Kingdom Come”. I’ll admit, a lot of my music selection is like listening to 99.1 KGGI in ’92. I can’t help myself…reminds me of when I was a littleg girl rollerskating in my garage to these jams. But this week I’m digging this new album. Definately a soon-to-be classic.

Steve Madden leopard print booties (yes, they’re called booties). THESE ARE HOT. I spotted them the other day and am determined to scoop them up before all the imposter look-a-likes show up in the malls.

Noshi Sushi on Beverly Blvd. Sushi is like the perfect food. It’s cheap, tastes amazing and doesn’t make you feel like a heffer after you’re done with the meal. This is a MUST TRY spot…I can taste the spicy tuna roll now.
4430 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004