Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Laura's Eyes: Holiday RoadTRIPPIN.

This Babie traveled far north for Thanksgiving weekend for a little R&R
The most beautiful lush scenery ever, ACTUAL FRESH AIR, rain & snow storms, and a few truck turn overs..but Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington was just what I needed to get a spiritual awakening. I had the chance to experience an Indian drumming ceremony with about 45 people, it was a positive change from Hollywood and the weekly binge drinking. But we wer laced with the best herb from Canada and SF's Yucai all week just smoking and drinking wine with the family.. A small photo journal :)

A freakin rainbow. not enough of these in LA

Clouds rolling off the Oregon hills
Bellingham, Population : 956
Our good homie Nicks Tattoo of a Severed Bush Head on his upper thigh..amazing + a star on his forehead.
Laura walkin through the little town of Bellingham
Stopped by the GOODs store of Pike St. friendly chick workers, she explained why Seattle was lack of interesting stores to shop @ :/
Nike SB Dunks Three Bears Pack..funny ass shoes
25 degrees in Seattle
The Docks
JJ @ The Fish house. Best eats! in Seattle
Snow Business
The Indian man sculpted by Seth

P.S. This months URB magazine talks a little about the Brownbabies Website..keep posted cause we are definitely pushing out the goods real soon.

Laura BB$