Sunday, April 30, 2006


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FYI: Cinco de Mayo

YES so MAY 5 @ Red Buddha Lounge off Yucca in Hollywood -- the party jumps off -- BB$ style. More info later but pencil it in -- it's gonna be full of crunk brownbabie$ + margarita mayhem.

Other news... shirts drop May 8th -- that's right -- so keep checking back for updates.

Sorry for the lack -- but Maria came to town for a couple of days so I've had my hands full, also was in Palm Springs for Coachella... check back for updates though.

- ho on the go (L a triple x)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

FYI: Buckwild Babie$.


Shirts drop the week of May 8th -- and will be available world wide. Until then I'll be putting up sneak peaks of them... to get yall juices flowin.

What better than to have a celebration to celebrate this glorious event. That's word. Don't worry we got it covered. LA + NYC STEELO.

LA -- we'll keep it hollyhood so you can "Meet Us at the Ladie$ Room" @ the CUT with resident djs Blu Jemz, Them Jeans, Pube$, and P Money spinnin the shake-ya-booty hip hop until your pants drop shittt @ Red Buddha Lounge Friday May 5th.

Wish Des goodbye and it's cinco de mayo -- just another excuse to get crunkkk...

More info TBA... keep checkin back yall.

- Laxxx

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

FYI: Free makeovers ladies!

Come thru to the Beauty Bar in Hollywood on Thursday April 27 from 7 to 10 pm to come and enjoy free makeovers, good music, and gifts provided by Rimmel. I'm going to be giving out gift bags so find me. Leave the men at home for once and make it a ladie$ night. HOLLER @ IT.

- Laxxx

Monday, April 24, 2006

FYI: Tokio Tea(se).


Tuesday, April 25th
10pm - 2am

1640 Cahuenga Blvd
in Hollywood Ca

DJ Steve Aoki- Dim Mak



- Laxxx


Quan Luv (A.l.i.e.n., NYC) interview with Lax (Brown Babie$, LA) can be found here at Holler at that shit. Much love to the A.L.I.E.N. crew.

- bb$

Friday, April 21, 2006

Does ya moms know you're here?

So the ladies hit up the Stones Throw Beat Konducta listening party @ the Conga Room. It was over-capacity by 11:30 pm. Shit was mad hectic. We managed to get a lil drunky-drunk and then headed over to Domiano's on Fairfax for a slice or two. As we drove down fairfax at about 2:45 am we noticed the huge line of kids/sneaker-heads camping out in front of Supreme. The new Supreme Blazers dropped today by the way, but you probably knew that. Anyway -- tonight head out to Red Buddah Lounge off Yucca in Hollyhood to "THE CUT" -- with resident djs spinnin the bestest hip hop (i'm for real)-- blu jemz, pube$, p money, and them jeans. I leave you with some snap shots of last night.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

FYI: Grand Openings are Fucking Awesome.


Peep out the recent interview I did with IMPAIRED MAG.

Get schooled on bb$.

- Laxxx

FYI: Thank Goodness It's Almost Friday

then after

alright? alright.

- bb$

Mi$$ Brown Booties.

Because I had to.

PSA: Don't Pound then Peddle.

After the club -- the after party is in the parking lot. Way to go Des and Coco. Bike provided by Tony (CSBC). PSA: don't peddle in pumps.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Brownbaggie$ Love

It seems we have got a lot of love and interest about our contents of our baggies. Just want to keep yall updated.


FYI: Take Note of the Weeks' Events

it's a busy week for all yall LA heads. pencil this shit in.

tues: cinespace for peanut butter wolf + sweet steve.

thurs: conga room for stones throw beat konducta release party.

fri: red buddah lounge for the cut.

sat: little temple for re:up issue release party.

Saturday , April 22nd
Los Angeles Chapter Release Party
room one
Blackstone & Atari
The Dynamite Bros. (Blu Jemz & Jonny Rockskins)
room 2
Eddie Turbo / Atom Matter / Sample 208

The Little Temple
4519 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles
$5 before 11 / $10 after / 21+


Blends Grand Opening.

In the heart of LA now lies the newest location of Blends -- a sneaker and now clothing store, right smack dabb off of 4th street and Spring, downtown, just east of the toy district. Congrats to the Blends cats for an amazing store in an amazing location. We arrive to the opening "fashionably late" by about 2 hours -- as we drive by we witnessed roughly 100+ people waiting in line. After gawking at the line, we finally make our way out of the cars and straight inside. Thanks to the Blends family for their hospitality by walking us right in and providing us with exquisite beverages (booze). Definitely stop by the store when you get the chance -- 125 W. 4th st. #106 Los Angeles, Ca 90013.

We got inside and head straight for the keg. A keg... yeah... it's been a minute. I got a lil marker crazy and started writing all over the "autograph wall" -- bb$ owned it.

There's not much more to the story except that we had a great time and of course ran into several people. A band played later that night but we had taken off -- heard that I missed out. My camera happened to die just when I wanted to use it the most(what's new), but here's some randomness with the babie$, Ashley from Supra, cute employees working the door, Jerry from Grey One, Vgrnts, and some other shit.

Downtown LA -- that's my hood -- don't sleep on it.

- Laxxx

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Daily Grind IIII

Well Shiver me timbers!! Here it is! I finally decided
to empty out my marvelous bag of buried treasures.
voodoo dolls, shrunken heads, Channel glossimer and
German fat caps! all for the infamous BB$ purse blog!
The things I do for these girls! Now don't go getting
your hopes up, the contents of my bag usually vary
depending upon the size of the bag or pretty much the
occasion. OK, OK! so you aren't going to see any
voodoo dolls or shrunken heads in this entry! (those
things stay in the closet!) Regardless, this is what I
had in my bag today and these are the bare
necessities. Now Walk the plank!

Cell phone : My "Grown up" phone: Sleek and
sophisticated. Not only does it take the most amazing
pictures, but its an mp3 player too. I can barely
remember what day of the week it is, let a lone try to
remember someones phone number. i'd be lost without
this thing. seriously.

perfume: Every girl should have her own signature
scent. Mine is Lolita.It smells so soft and feminine.
i absolutely adore it. Also having perfume in your
bag comes in handy when you realize you forgot to put
on deodorant! oops.

credit cards: Um, who really carries cash these days?
Credit cards are so much more convenient than
carrying REAL money. who needs all of that change
at the bottom of their purse. using REAL money sucks.
Also by using only plastic, i have managed to get out
of paying every toll fee in most parking structures!
you should try it!

lip gloss/chap stick:I absolutely despise chapped
lips! There is probably nothing more disgusting than a
person walking around with their lips looking like
they just ate a powdered dough nut, or have been
sucking on a cracksicle! No thanks, I'm good on the
"Ashy Larry" look.

Breath mints: M-A-N-D-I-T-O-R-Y! no one wants to
smell your dragon breathe in their face. Especially if
you're trying to holler. If they are offered to
you,IT'S for a reason.. EAT IT!

Fat caps and other various tips: If they're not in
here, they're in my car's cup holders. I use these for
um.. spray painting furniture?....yes, that's!

Sunglasses: I don't care if they're $5 or $500. It
doesn't matter. I have a serious sun glass addiction.
I own hundreds of pairs! If they're black and scream
"unapproachable" I'll buy them! the bigger the
better. These are an absolute necessity. Perfect
after a long night of boozing or if you're having a
bad hair day.

lighter: I love this lighter, it's cute and looks like
a candy cane! no one else has it, therefore I'll
always know it's mine.

My pay check :I don't usually carry my paychecks in my
bag, but I missed the deadline for getting direct
deposit so I have to do it myself every week, which is
a complete pain in my ass.

streak: Yes, It's a streak! pretty old school,
compared to all of these other fancy" writing
utensils" I've seen, but these definitely get the job
done and it comes in handy, no mess, no fuss. which is
always a plus

make up/brushes: I am a make up artist, so my make up
bag is heavier than most peoples professional kits. I
usually only carry the basics in my purse though. I
also use my brushes for everything,including my liquid

Mini-Montana: Awww, writing your name all over things
that don't belong to you, hasn't been cuter since you
were in kindergarten. Seriously, Have you ever seen
anything more adorable?!

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Daily Grind III

Bubble Gum Beeper - fuck all that modern candy, I keep shit real, real-street. So the gum might be stale, but I still clip this beeper to my hip at times because it feels so nostalgic. Theres even little messages on the the wrapper of each stick of bubble gum. Yeah mother fucker- i'm busy, beep me later.

3 lighters, Louis Vuitton ID case with built-in lighter, and matches - A bitch can't have enough fire. F'real -- spark up the bleez, cancer-sticks, and make the mood romantic and light a candle. Plus yall know niggas are shady now a days -- taking my lighters and shit -- I need to be extra prepared. One for the club, one for the car, and one that you probably will rob me of. Unless I take my id case/lighter in one ---man that shit is a remarkable invention. Sorry gotta leave my brownbaggie in the car and just whip it out for the night.

Birth control pills - we don't need any little brown BABIES running around yet. That's like full fledged dynasty in effect right there -- so I look out for the world, until yall are ready for a second generation of me.

Chanel Earrings - Imma admit this to yall -- I'm an accessories freak, but I'm taking a break from the bling right now and am into my second love -- PLASTIC jewelry. COCO makes me feel a little more legit -- those white ones are just one of the many plastic CC earrings I own. Ask my girls -- they call me Punky Brewster... I mean gangster.

Documents - this includes my French Crepe restaurant menu from the Farmer's market --shit, a bitch needs to eat -- I like to keep it international and my choices open. Also includes my payroll stub from Stones Throw -- I gotta keep my finances balanced, and lastly a Letter from the Hollywood police department asking me about an incident at a club I was a witness too -- I got that shit months ago and haven't answered -- but I still keep it in my bag -- why? You tell me.

Keys - The only keys I own are the ones to my parents house, my mail box, my office, and my Lexus. Yes I drive a Lex, aka the Laxus. I know.. A little gay, but oh well my rides pretty sweet. Come, I'll take you for one. I got the typical touristy I heart NY keychain though, and thanks to my boo for buying me a Marc Jacobs rat keychain... It always reminds me of how sweet heis for spending one whole dollar on that just for me.

Body Spray - I like to smell good. I always smell good. People always tell me I smell good. Now you know why. Spritz here and there -- can cover up the weed smell after I hotbox my Lexus. Coconut-Lime too -- reminds me of that song -- you put the lime in the coconut ... Doo da doo yadda yadda la la la...

Ghostface + Dj Ayres cd - If yall know me, I love good music. ENOUGH SAID.

- Lax

We Love Us Some Di-Di-Dipset.

I jock this cover...just needs cam-pon.

-Laxxx the queen of random shit.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


...probably because Maria is looking mad fly in the Brownbabie$ Wu-Tang Ice Cream influenced tee. Shit is hot. If you down with the Wu then ya'll know "Ice Cream" off of Raekwon's album "Built For Cuban Linx" -- which is one of Maria and my favorite albums of all times by the way. If yall ladie$ need to be schooled a bit -- don't trip, we got it handled. Peep the video and the influence. The shirts come in all 4 flavors - French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Deluxe, and Caramel
Sundae -- so you can find the one that fits your flavor -- fuck it I wear all flavors. Shit is raw ladies!

- Laxxx

Some more babie$.

Meet Bri - the lil punk rock baby, Ashley - the tramp on the turntables, and Laura - miss fashionista.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Daily Grind II

I don’t sport a purse. It’s more like a repository of random ish…always in a ridiculously over-sized bag. Let’s explore, shall we?

Sock: I pimp, I stunt, I only wear my white sock once. Like I said: random repository. Call me grimey…call me ghetto…but this was really in my bag; not gonna front about it. I keep it funky. Don’t know how it got there, don’t know why. Shoot, maybe it’s not even mine. How does a girl really end up with one sock in her bag you ask? Bacardi yall...Bacardi.

Personal Archive Journal: So Nat claims A.D.D., I claim O.C.D. This little black book helps me keep track of my vinyl. The gets. The gots. Completely comes in handy when digging.

Jewelry a.k.a. Jurry: Some realin’, some fakin’. Alright, mostly fakin’. Regardless, blang is essential to a honey’s bag. And yes, those ARE Young MC record sleeve earrings. Start jockin’.
Superglue: Definitely can’t be throwing up the “B” with broke nails. Superglue is a must. (I feel you Des. The spots with the illest designs always get sheisty on their glue game).

Inspirational Quotes: Yes, I just went there. They’re a little shmoozy, but they make a broad feel good in Los Scandalous. You gotta be lookin’ right on the outside just as much as you do on the inside.

MAC Makeup: Thankyou MAC. I might be faded as a muhfucka, but you keep my face lookin’ fresh.

Celly: Connections, connections. Usually the screen is my man, Michael…Thriller album cover. However, after last night’s happenings, Michael is m.i.a. and my phone is now essentially a digital address book. (It straight fell in the toilet…don’t ask).

Cd: Fucka Ipod, Fucka MP3.Whatchu know ‘bout the 20th Anniversary Eric B. and Rakim though!?!?

on some NY shit.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Alright yall -- specifically you LA heads/Stones Throw fans -- mark your calendars... for next Thursday (4/20). It's the Madlib - Beat Conducta "Movie Scenes" listening party. Don't miss this shit. Come represent and respect and smoke me out -- and buy shit too, (I'll be doing merch) -- Don't forget -- stoners.

- Lax

Brooklyn Projects new store opening...

covered by Paul "Animal" Chan -- a bb$ favorite. Go peep it here @ What is SGV?.

Getchyo Sneakers.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Daily Grind

A woman's purse holds the key to what really keeps that broad on the move. Take a look inside and most of ya would be suprised as to what we all need on a daily basis. Some might call it ridiculous, but I with most girls weed out the bare necessities. Take a look into my bag, get a feel for me.. then move onto nats cause her shits alot more interesting.

Dumped everything out and pretty much got one of those "are you fucking kidding me?" looks on my face. I really had this stuff still in my purse and they wanted me to put it on the blog?

Superglue: I'll be quite honest, this should be a common necessity to keep in your purse. Why wouldn't you need superglue handy? Worst case scenario: Your cheap nail which was half assed done in some grimey spot pops completely the fuck off.. VOILA! Who needs a fill? Just glue that shit back on and you'll be straight for days.

Brush: Make sure your weave is always on point, no matter what time of the day.

Chanel No 5: Enough said. Theres no introduction to coco. If you need it, dont bother reading the rest of this.

MAC Makeup: Red Lipstick, CHECK. Gold eyeshadow, CHECK. Jet black liner, CHECK. Keeping that beauty shit on lock, MOTHERFUCKING CHECK.

Bling: Chains, Ropes, Bamboos, etc. Anything for emergency flossin material. The flyest baby is always the shiniest.

Morning After Pill: Ladies, don't feel embarrassed if you ever have this stashed away. Sex happens, mistakes happen. Be safer when the safest becomes defective.

Wanna know more about a girl? Look in her purse..
I keep my shit minimal, basics only bitches! Don't judge, don't talk shit, just accept it for what it is. You may be shocked, suprised, disgusted, disappointed, or just bored. Whatever. Welcome to my purse..

Cell phone: I swear i lose this thing at least once a month.

$$$: When Des is poor, I gotta play "Momma Nat" (so she calls me), and take care of her. "1 soda, 2 straws" "Broke-a$$ bitch"

House33 lighter: My favorite lighter EVER!! Thanks for keeping up the supply Bobby.

Sharpies: I have A.D.D..i can't sit still at all. Sharpies get me thru the day. I write on EVERYTHING.

Cali Chronic: Ha! Whatchu know about that?

Metro Card: One of the reasons I love New York, fuck sitting in traffic.

Rebel Ape key by SSUR: The key to the city..Some ill shit..get on that.

Cali drivers license: World's worst id picture ever! cover-up provided by C.S.B.C sticker


A new Brownbaby purse coming your way soon...

Friday, April 07, 2006


Good times.

"Flosstradamus" tonight + "The Cut" every friday night...

BB$ crew will be residents. Come hang out and have a good time.
Finally something to do in LA on a Friday. F'real.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Next Wed -- pencil this in.

Come to Turntable Lab on Wednesday from 8 - 10 pm. Listen to good music, cop some good music, tip Lax -- and get drunk for free, then go to the free after party. Just go.

Ho-to booth.

cha cha lounge tonight. come party party.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

THE NAT REPORT not by lupe

So heres actually what happens in la.. DURING THE DAY. Yes we finally showcase our daily activities besides working.. and shmoozing.
Nat bb$ came into town as you all know, and sorry cali.. dont get your hopes up, she'll be heading back to ny on sat. So all of y'all, embellish in the time shes here cause itll be genuine brownbabies nights this week.

we headed over to Kendo get some new kicks and nat showcased her newest tattoo to her collection, 'Madrid' on her ribs! Bitch is crazy.


We also headed over to visit our favorite boys, the hundreds. Bobby was mia today but we still got to runamuck with scotty and benny. We did the usual, which was nothing.. and pretty much distracted the two. Nat's arrival was a suprise so alot of LA heads were glad to run into her (a la scotty last night).

Scotty is starting to get grimey again, just the way we liked it. He went on a clean streak and shaved (!) his beautiful beard of his. Glad hes back on the track to his old ways.

so classic of you bennybaby.

ran into Eli, took a picture. yup.

Yeah so pretty much our life is as exciting it is during the day as it is at night.
We had to blog it cause most of you would never believe that we dont sleep all day, that we actually work and play without alcohol consumption.
But back to the usual, see all yall tonight..