Wednesday, December 27, 2006

You can find me at Thirft Store

Alright kids, I've visited a few blogs and no one has ever posted their visit to the wonderful thrift Store! How come? The thrift store is a wondrous and magical place! Well not actually, but it's the only place to time travel and find amazing things. Vintage, old and new 80's, 90's, the most random and interesting things no one will ever have, but you. Pretty much all of us Brownbabie girls go treasure hunting to our nearest thrift or salvation army (for our gear and fresh items), so here's a peek at our hunting rituals and great bargain finds. From toys to shoes, bags and jewelry, paintings and vintage bikes. So, if you want to spend a GOOD $50 bucks or less, go to any thrift store instead of the typical boo coo OVERPRICED Vintage boutiques! If you need a quick bangin' outfit for Friday night get on your knees girl, rummage and hunt!

Ontario I.E's finest thrift store.. 3 huge stores on one road :)

Just my luck..I WAS a student but its Wed. and I still got 20% off hollerrrr.

Paradise ladies.. Price $1.99 to 10.99


Holler at the cute snake printed suede pumps $3.99

Cute and comfy flats $4.00 (YSL purse not found at thrift store)

My shopping basket so far.....

Grabbed that Porcelain girl for $50 cents

Knock offs galore

LOL I found these old Dolce and Gabbana Pants..I'm the Impostor expert, definitely real and def millions of seasons ago. I copped these outrageous skinny leg pants for $14.99

Yes actual D&G pants. If I never wear them , some one on Ebay will :)

Dashiki print sweater.. good to alter it to fit you. If you got a good sewing machine. $6.95

Duh a Panda rocking horse.. wouldn't you want one? ( Wig was already on Mr. Panda)

Fresh... large brim Fedora Price= $3.95
Great to walk around the city with a huge hat and you stunner shades

Picked up this high waisted plaid wool Pencil skirt. price = $1.95

Whaaa.. $2.98 and now $1.95.. done and done

Cute lil Grandmami getting her after x-mas shoppin goin on'

1950's Wizard of Oz Toys ..ebay fo sho.

Holler copped this Vintage locket Hematite stone gold ring. $4.99

So shopping came to an end. With my student discount I only spent $27.00 bucks and a great steal! So, go ahead.. holler at your nearest thrift store, it's my main hobbie and I love to find dope shit!

Happy New Yearsssss

La La Laura <3>

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy days to you and you and you...

Ladies and Gents (but mostly the ladies)

I want to extend a ginourmous THANK YOU to all of our wonderful supporters. Maybe it's the holiday cheer that has me feeling all agreeable, who knows, but I definitly want to let the three people who read this blog know how important they are to us. Maybe its the finalty of another year passed, but I'm kinda overwhelmed by everything that has gone down for us as a label and us as sassy young things tryin to make it in the cold harsh 21st century. Looking back at the year is kinda amazing, things have been major in 06'. First and foremost the Babie$ have gotten a chance to meet so many of you through our various parties and functions and just by chance on the street. You girls are so great. I feel like we have the best and smartest, funniest, sweetest, coolest, and most hip supporters around. You girls keep us going. We keep you in mind in all aspects of our designs and aesthetics and we try to keep our ear to the streets so you'll be pleased when the seasons drop. We never started out to be a clothing line. We're first and last a group of friends who values fun and shenanaigans over any profit or gain. We've all been really lucky to have many opurtunities arise out of this venture, we've traveled, moved, met amazing people, taken part in dope events and had opurtunity to make an impact with our styles. We're very lucky and we know that we couldnt have done it without your support and interest. Things and people can get very petty in this industry and we feel like we always come out on top because we never hate, always remain ladies, and keep an open mind. This isnt rocket science, it's cloth and thread. We arent reinventing the wheel and we aren't innovators of anything, we're just doing us and in return getting lots of love. So for that reason, we here at the Brown Babe$ want to show and prove, say it and spray it....WE REALLY LOVE YOUS GUYS! You're all so dope and so necessary to making this whole girls revival thing happen. Be sexy, be strong, be hospitable to each other, be original, be unique and be positive and anything you do will have that shine. Merry Christmas and Happy 2007.

Keep it tight girls, and boys...WRAP IT UP!



Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry LaXXXmas!

Holler and all that shit. I am signing on to report to you what my greedy little heart yearns for this year. Xmas actually came by mad quick this year, and though I'm greedy year-round, Xmas is usually the season of giving and taking... but right now i want to focus on the taking -- how much i want to take -- from all the people who shower me with love. Alright let's begin...

BANG BANG BOOTS -- i'm all aboot them.
yeah we all love vintage knee-to-thigh high boots as of lately... they make you feel like a bad ass dominatrix type of bitch the higher up they go and the skinnier and higher the heel... but damn royal blue and a 4 inch gold-spike-stilletto heel -- basically what that means is DONE DEAL. I know you want them too.

MIRRORS FOR YA FINGERS! -- or really to check to see if you got lipstick on ya' teeth.

HELLO... tell me these are not only cute but somewhat classy? And a PEACOCK! I'm SOLD! (plus they match my boots).

TSUBI or NOT TSUBI? - Lemme give you the skinnies' on the hot pink and the pink pink.

They scream girly girl -- but really though, my ass looks bangin' in tsubi skinnies -- they're not that new but I really really really want pink ones. Hint to my significant other and rich pals.

Fiendin' for Fendi.

I am a sucker for handbags. I go through a new one each month or two -- batter it and lose mad things in it -- and move on to the next... and in my eyes i see the Fendi "Spy Tortuga" in Zucca. There's not much I can say -- on ebay for $1300, but that's not why I'm appealed to it at all -- but just look at it... OOOOOOOOH.

Benefit -- keep ya glow on.

I'm lazy so I'm going to copy and paste.

Benefit - Valley of the Stars

What it is:
A mini iridescence kit - for shining bright!

What it is formulated to do:
This complete mini kit of Benefit's favorite luminescent liquids, powders, and gloss are you need to cast a festive glow this season.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

That bitch is a bitch!

Girls, boys, things...

Let me alert you to somethin that will bring a modicum of cheer into your joyless lives. THE BAD GIRLS CLUB. It's a new reality drama on the Oxygen Channel. It's from the creators of the real world and it stars a gaggle of triflin' ass skeezers. I mean these girls are strugggggggs. They scoured the United States, held casting calls, and intervewed countless smuts...and then they produced this batch. This bundle of fucked up cackling bitches. Oh man! These girls are jems! Here's the premise...7 skeezy ass bottom feeding trollops are made to live in a house in the Hollywood hills to see how much horrendous fucked up and embarassing shit they can bring upon themselves. I guess all the girls selected were supposed to be "BAD GIRLS" or some's more like sad girls if you ask me. The girls are supposed to be nasty, mean, manipulative and just downright unsavory. And they are all of these things, and they are all living together in this highly combustable environment of prozac, tequilla, estrogen and complete battiness. There are times in the show where I'm rocking back and forth and yuck yuck yucking till I snort. It's hilarious! It's the kinda thing that reaffirms in yourself that you are allright. I am allright. These bitches are crazy, and I am allright. Theres a knock down, drag out girl fight in one of the episodes and I was jumping up and down on my couch and doing air punches and shit...This fight is O.O.C. I mean, this is GOOD tv. They couldnt have paid for a better brawl. A girl bleaches some other girls clothes, there's trash talking, back biting, and scandal, scandal, scandal!There are so many different types of personalities and backgrounds that anything could happen. It's a mixed bag of tramps and they all want their 15 minutes. Dont get me wrong, I love girls, I love sexy, beautiful, strong, funny girls and I never hate, I always congratulate...but let's call a spade a spade y'all, there are some bad apples in our bunch, and on this show they're allll bad. There's the requisite stripper, the drunk with emotional problems, the drunk with emotional problems with personality issues, there's the wannabe model, the loud mouthed tough girls and a whole slew of other smuts. Listen I could talk about this show forever but you're just gonna have to watch it yourself. You will feel refreshed and rejuvinated when it's over. Your life will seem normal and although any shred of your dignity as a woman will be hanging by a, it's worth it. I mean...on a serious note, shows like this are why "crazy bitch" is no longer an insult, it's an assertion. But hey, what can you do? Just go with it. Make some popcorn, invite your girlfriends over and watch all the sluttiness and weird catty nastiness unfold. Your life will never be the same again.



You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

Christmas is probaby the only time of year that I can compose a list of any ridiculous thing that I want and chances are I probably won't get any of it. Usually I will get the exact oposite of whatever was on the list, which is why I gave up on making wish list all together after the age of 10. Come to think of it, no one should be making serious wish list for their families after the age of 10. Given you don't have a clueless boyfriend or cheap friends. I find that gift receipts work just fine in either case. :)

First and formost, I want an Original Mark Ryden painting.

An all expense paid trip to see Dr.Robert Rey (post pregnancy)

Chubby English bulldog smooshy puppy! Somehow my prayers backfired and instead of getting an english bulldog puppy this year, I got pregnant!

A Nanny because taking care of your own child is overrated.

Wonka's solid gold golden ticket necklace.

....and while we're at it, a goose that lays golden eggs! and Daddy, I want it Now!

Some tattoos by Mike Giant.

Merry Christmas you filthy' Animals... and a Happy New Year!


Bri <3

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thats all I want Santa..... promise :)

.... (Sigh) A "1957 - 356 Porsche Speedster" This heartbreaking beaut brings a tear to my eye every time I see it, or whenever some ungrateful boo boo Hollywood wannabe on their cell phone driving it down Sunset Blvd. My dream whip, the apple in my eye, the vintage classic car that gets my panties in a twist. This Porsche is way classier and hotter than any new BMW, Lexus, Mercedes on the street! This is all I want for Christmas this year ....or before I turn age 25... I can picture it down with my white frame beatnik Ray Bans, a perfect 76 degrees , listening to Otis Redding with a strawberry lolly pop on my way to West Hollywood for lunch with my girls. Come on' its only $20,000 or a replica for $13,000. In a Cherry red or Baby mint green. Santaaa baby pleasse.....Im dying ova here!

Happy friggen Holidays my precious Babies.
Muah xoxoxo La La Laura

Saturday, December 16, 2006

"GIMME" never got nothin...

Bonjour babies, It's that time of year again...the time for outrageous commerce, a fat white guy in red velvet, getting your kids to behave with threats, hot cocoa, delectable winter fashions, spending time with your boo, and subsequently trying to make sure said boo gets you exactly what you've been hoping for all year. I say hints are ok, but why not just give him/her a little intraweb aided dossier like the one I've prepared below (its listed in order of importance btw.)

1. Big Hair 2007 Calandar

Calandars are a necessary thing, everyone needs one. They're not typically fun or amusing, but this one is, and thats super. I like Big hair. Dolly Parton is my style icon/role model and as I always say..."MORE IS MORE" More mascara...more! More Lipgloss...More! More aquanet...More! More inches on the heels...MORE! So this calandar is right up my trashy, trailor park alley. It's not kitsch or camp when you give me this's inspiration. If someone gets me this calandar you will see me on December 26th wearing an exact replica of one of these do's, I will be working the look and you will be jealous that your hair does not stand up that high. Aquanet girls, aquanet.

2. Andy Warhol Sleep Mask/Lip plates

I love love love love love the Marilyn sleep mask. I sleep with a sleep mask from time to time and it's pretty much the greatest thing ever. It ensures a deep and undisturbed sleep and you wake up feeling great. Beauty sleep is so necessary ladies. This mask is ultra glamourous and fun. I WANT! I also really and I mean...really need these lip plates, they're so amazing. Perfect for entertaining and whatnot. And Lord, strike me down for saying this...but they're from URBAN OUTFITTERS! Thats shameful and shocking, but it is what it is. I really dont want to give those lecherous culture vultures my $$, but thats why I'm asking for them someone else can give their duckets and I can can stay pure and untouched by the commercial evil that is Urban outfitters.

3. Agent Provocateur Lingerie

I dont think anything needs to be said about this.

4. Mirrored Vanity

This is basically my dream antique. You see them from time to time at estate sales and really good antique stores but they're always a gagillion dollars and just totally out of my league. But had I the extra $3-4,000 to spend on one of these beauts, it would be mine all mine. The glamour factor is what really does it for me, it's so chic and sexy it hurts. It's an item combining my two favorite things...looking at myself and makeup application (kidding, sort of.) No but really folks, it's a throwback to an overly decadent era where women primped for hours and wore sexy garters and french perfume, and men wore debonairre hats and called their women "sweetface." Le sigh. It's perfection and I want one for the lovenest.

5. World Peace.

I'm not kidding either. I think that all races and kinds should just give it a rest. Quit moanin and bitchin about religion, politics, color and creed and just like, take up a hobby. A tedious, all encompassing, time consuming hobby that makes them happy and keeps them out of other peoples business. And if this is too idealistic and dimwitted than maybe just peace in the neighborhood or something.

There, I've said it. These are all the things that I want. But what I'm actually getting is this:

MERRY Christmas to all the Christians, Happy Hannakuh to the Jews, And Happy sweet baby Jesus's birthday to all the sadists.

Have fun with your loved ones and take lots of pictures! I love you guys.