Wednesday, December 27, 2006

You can find me at Thirft Store

Alright kids, I've visited a few blogs and no one has ever posted their visit to the wonderful thrift Store! How come? The thrift store is a wondrous and magical place! Well not actually, but it's the only place to time travel and find amazing things. Vintage, old and new 80's, 90's, the most random and interesting things no one will ever have, but you. Pretty much all of us Brownbabie girls go treasure hunting to our nearest thrift or salvation army (for our gear and fresh items), so here's a peek at our hunting rituals and great bargain finds. From toys to shoes, bags and jewelry, paintings and vintage bikes. So, if you want to spend a GOOD $50 bucks or less, go to any thrift store instead of the typical boo coo OVERPRICED Vintage boutiques! If you need a quick bangin' outfit for Friday night get on your knees girl, rummage and hunt!

Ontario I.E's finest thrift store.. 3 huge stores on one road :)

Just my luck..I WAS a student but its Wed. and I still got 20% off hollerrrr.

Paradise ladies.. Price $1.99 to 10.99


Holler at the cute snake printed suede pumps $3.99

Cute and comfy flats $4.00 (YSL purse not found at thrift store)

My shopping basket so far.....

Grabbed that Porcelain girl for $50 cents

Knock offs galore

LOL I found these old Dolce and Gabbana Pants..I'm the Impostor expert, definitely real and def millions of seasons ago. I copped these outrageous skinny leg pants for $14.99

Yes actual D&G pants. If I never wear them , some one on Ebay will :)

Dashiki print sweater.. good to alter it to fit you. If you got a good sewing machine. $6.95

Duh a Panda rocking horse.. wouldn't you want one? ( Wig was already on Mr. Panda)

Fresh... large brim Fedora Price= $3.95
Great to walk around the city with a huge hat and you stunner shades

Picked up this high waisted plaid wool Pencil skirt. price = $1.95

Whaaa.. $2.98 and now $1.95.. done and done

Cute lil Grandmami getting her after x-mas shoppin goin on'

1950's Wizard of Oz Toys ..ebay fo sho.

Holler copped this Vintage locket Hematite stone gold ring. $4.99

So shopping came to an end. With my student discount I only spent $27.00 bucks and a great steal! So, go ahead.. holler at your nearest thrift store, it's my main hobbie and I love to find dope shit!

Happy New Yearsssss

La La Laura <3>