Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thats all I want Santa..... promise :)

.... (Sigh) A "1957 - 356 Porsche Speedster" This heartbreaking beaut brings a tear to my eye every time I see it, or whenever some ungrateful boo boo Hollywood wannabe on their cell phone driving it down Sunset Blvd. My dream whip, the apple in my eye, the vintage classic car that gets my panties in a twist. This Porsche is way classier and hotter than any new BMW, Lexus, Mercedes on the street! This is all I want for Christmas this year ....or before I turn age 25... I can picture it down with my white frame beatnik Ray Bans, a perfect 76 degrees , listening to Otis Redding with a strawberry lolly pop on my way to West Hollywood for lunch with my girls. Come on' its only $20,000 or a replica for $13,000. In a Cherry red or Baby mint green. Santaaa baby pleasse.....Im dying ova here!

Happy friggen Holidays my precious Babies.
Muah xoxoxo La La Laura