Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

Christmas is probaby the only time of year that I can compose a list of any ridiculous thing that I want and chances are I probably won't get any of it. Usually I will get the exact oposite of whatever was on the list, which is why I gave up on making wish list all together after the age of 10. Come to think of it, no one should be making serious wish list for their families after the age of 10. Given you don't have a clueless boyfriend or cheap friends. I find that gift receipts work just fine in either case. :)

First and formost, I want an Original Mark Ryden painting.

An all expense paid trip to see Dr.Robert Rey (post pregnancy)

Chubby English bulldog smooshy puppy! Somehow my prayers backfired and instead of getting an english bulldog puppy this year, I got pregnant!

A Nanny because taking care of your own child is overrated.

Wonka's solid gold golden ticket necklace.

....and while we're at it, a goose that lays golden eggs! and Daddy, I want it Now!

Some tattoos by Mike Giant.

Merry Christmas you filthy' Animals... and a Happy New Year!


Bri <3