Tuesday, December 19, 2006

That bitch is a bitch!

Girls, boys, things...

Let me alert you to somethin that will bring a modicum of cheer into your joyless lives. THE BAD GIRLS CLUB. It's a new reality drama on the Oxygen Channel. It's from the creators of the real world and it stars a gaggle of triflin' ass skeezers. I mean these girls are strugggggggs. They scoured the United States, held casting calls, and intervewed countless smuts...and then they produced this batch. This bundle of fucked up cackling bitches. Oh man! These girls are jems! Here's the premise...7 skeezy ass bottom feeding trollops are made to live in a house in the Hollywood hills to see how much horrendous fucked up and embarassing shit they can bring upon themselves. I guess all the girls selected were supposed to be "BAD GIRLS" or some shit...it's more like sad girls if you ask me. The girls are supposed to be nasty, mean, manipulative and just downright unsavory. And they are all of these things, and they are all living together in this highly combustable environment of prozac, tequilla, estrogen and complete battiness. There are times in the show where I'm rocking back and forth and yuck yuck yucking till I snort. It's hilarious! It's the kinda thing that reaffirms in yourself that you are allright. I am allright. These bitches are crazy, and I am allright. Theres a knock down, drag out girl fight in one of the episodes and I was jumping up and down on my couch and doing air punches and shit...This fight is O.O.C. I mean, this is GOOD tv. They couldnt have paid for a better brawl. A girl bleaches some other girls clothes, there's trash talking, back biting, and scandal, scandal, scandal!There are so many different types of personalities and backgrounds that anything could happen. It's a mixed bag of tramps and they all want their 15 minutes. Dont get me wrong, I love girls, I love sexy, beautiful, strong, funny girls and I never hate, I always congratulate...but let's call a spade a spade y'all, there are some bad apples in our bunch, and on this show they're allll bad. There's the requisite stripper, the drunk with emotional problems, the drunk with emotional problems with personality issues, there's the wannabe model, the loud mouthed tough girls and a whole slew of other smuts. Listen I could talk about this show forever but you're just gonna have to watch it yourself. You will feel refreshed and rejuvinated when it's over. Your life will seem normal and although any shred of your dignity as a woman will be hanging by a thread...man, it's worth it. I mean...on a serious note, shows like this are why "crazy bitch" is no longer an insult, it's an assertion. But hey, what can you do? Just go with it. Make some popcorn, invite your girlfriends over and watch all the sluttiness and weird catty nastiness unfold. Your life will never be the same again.