Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy days to you and you and you...

Ladies and Gents (but mostly the ladies)

I want to extend a ginourmous THANK YOU to all of our wonderful supporters. Maybe it's the holiday cheer that has me feeling all agreeable, who knows, but I definitly want to let the three people who read this blog know how important they are to us. Maybe its the finalty of another year passed, but I'm kinda overwhelmed by everything that has gone down for us as a label and us as sassy young things tryin to make it in the cold harsh 21st century. Looking back at the year is kinda amazing, things have been major in 06'. First and foremost the Babie$ have gotten a chance to meet so many of you through our various parties and functions and just by chance on the street. You girls are so great. I feel like we have the best and smartest, funniest, sweetest, coolest, and most hip supporters around. You girls keep us going. We keep you in mind in all aspects of our designs and aesthetics and we try to keep our ear to the streets so you'll be pleased when the seasons drop. We never started out to be a clothing line. We're first and last a group of friends who values fun and shenanaigans over any profit or gain. We've all been really lucky to have many opurtunities arise out of this venture, we've traveled, moved, met amazing people, taken part in dope events and had opurtunity to make an impact with our styles. We're very lucky and we know that we couldnt have done it without your support and interest. Things and people can get very petty in this industry and we feel like we always come out on top because we never hate, always remain ladies, and keep an open mind. This isnt rocket science, it's cloth and thread. We arent reinventing the wheel and we aren't innovators of anything, we're just doing us and in return getting lots of love. So for that reason, we here at the Brown Babe$ want to show and prove, say it and spray it....WE REALLY LOVE YOUS GUYS! You're all so dope and so necessary to making this whole girls revival thing happen. Be sexy, be strong, be hospitable to each other, be original, be unique and be positive and anything you do will have that shine. Merry Christmas and Happy 2007.

Keep it tight girls, and boys...WRAP IT UP!