Wednesday, December 06, 2006




One of the best cosmetic brands out there -- MAC -- always comes thru with holiday style packaging for it's limited holiday line tints and colors. By far my favorite, MAC blush is always a great make-up item to carry on you at all times because it's pigment and color come out thick and stay on for hours -- which help you conceal your snow-white pale party animal white ass skin in the morning, to give you glowing pink cheeks.

I'm from LA...regardless of Shaq, I still rep. the Lakers. Why is this my current fav? When baskbetball season starts, it's nostalgic. A long day at work in the cold LA winters (you got that right -- it's colder than the east coast out here right now at night especially) you got your trusty cali dank, hot coco, and lakers on tv to calm my LA TRAFFIC nerves. This Saturday, Lakers vs. Clippers. Will be a good one.

Coats. Big coats, small coats, black coats, white coats, vintage coats, new coats. I LOVE COATS.

The best stress-relief and work-out ever. Clears my mind, and works my legs out. You really should invest in one. It will change your life.