Wednesday, April 05, 2006

THE NAT REPORT not by lupe

So heres actually what happens in la.. DURING THE DAY. Yes we finally showcase our daily activities besides working.. and shmoozing.
Nat bb$ came into town as you all know, and sorry cali.. dont get your hopes up, she'll be heading back to ny on sat. So all of y'all, embellish in the time shes here cause itll be genuine brownbabies nights this week.

we headed over to Kendo get some new kicks and nat showcased her newest tattoo to her collection, 'Madrid' on her ribs! Bitch is crazy.


We also headed over to visit our favorite boys, the hundreds. Bobby was mia today but we still got to runamuck with scotty and benny. We did the usual, which was nothing.. and pretty much distracted the two. Nat's arrival was a suprise so alot of LA heads were glad to run into her (a la scotty last night).

Scotty is starting to get grimey again, just the way we liked it. He went on a clean streak and shaved (!) his beautiful beard of his. Glad hes back on the track to his old ways.

so classic of you bennybaby.

ran into Eli, took a picture. yup.

Yeah so pretty much our life is as exciting it is during the day as it is at night.
We had to blog it cause most of you would never believe that we dont sleep all day, that we actually work and play without alcohol consumption.
But back to the usual, see all yall tonight..