Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Daily Grind IIII

Well Shiver me timbers!! Here it is! I finally decided
to empty out my marvelous bag of buried treasures.
voodoo dolls, shrunken heads, Channel glossimer and
German fat caps! all for the infamous BB$ purse blog!
The things I do for these girls! Now don't go getting
your hopes up, the contents of my bag usually vary
depending upon the size of the bag or pretty much the
occasion. OK, OK! so you aren't going to see any
voodoo dolls or shrunken heads in this entry! (those
things stay in the closet!) Regardless, this is what I
had in my bag today and these are the bare
necessities. Now Walk the plank!

Cell phone : My "Grown up" phone: Sleek and
sophisticated. Not only does it take the most amazing
pictures, but its an mp3 player too. I can barely
remember what day of the week it is, let a lone try to
remember someones phone number. i'd be lost without
this thing. seriously.

perfume: Every girl should have her own signature
scent. Mine is Lolita.It smells so soft and feminine.
i absolutely adore it. Also having perfume in your
bag comes in handy when you realize you forgot to put
on deodorant! oops.

credit cards: Um, who really carries cash these days?
Credit cards are so much more convenient than
carrying REAL money. who needs all of that change
at the bottom of their purse. using REAL money sucks.
Also by using only plastic, i have managed to get out
of paying every toll fee in most parking structures!
you should try it!

lip gloss/chap stick:I absolutely despise chapped
lips! There is probably nothing more disgusting than a
person walking around with their lips looking like
they just ate a powdered dough nut, or have been
sucking on a cracksicle! No thanks, I'm good on the
"Ashy Larry" look.

Breath mints: M-A-N-D-I-T-O-R-Y! no one wants to
smell your dragon breathe in their face. Especially if
you're trying to holler. If they are offered to
you,IT'S for a reason.. EAT IT!

Fat caps and other various tips: If they're not in
here, they're in my car's cup holders. I use these for
um.. spray painting furniture?....yes, that's!

Sunglasses: I don't care if they're $5 or $500. It
doesn't matter. I have a serious sun glass addiction.
I own hundreds of pairs! If they're black and scream
"unapproachable" I'll buy them! the bigger the
better. These are an absolute necessity. Perfect
after a long night of boozing or if you're having a
bad hair day.

lighter: I love this lighter, it's cute and looks like
a candy cane! no one else has it, therefore I'll
always know it's mine.

My pay check :I don't usually carry my paychecks in my
bag, but I missed the deadline for getting direct
deposit so I have to do it myself every week, which is
a complete pain in my ass.

streak: Yes, It's a streak! pretty old school,
compared to all of these other fancy" writing
utensils" I've seen, but these definitely get the job
done and it comes in handy, no mess, no fuss. which is
always a plus

make up/brushes: I am a make up artist, so my make up
bag is heavier than most peoples professional kits. I
usually only carry the basics in my purse though. I
also use my brushes for everything,including my liquid

Mini-Montana: Awww, writing your name all over things
that don't belong to you, hasn't been cuter since you
were in kindergarten. Seriously, Have you ever seen
anything more adorable?!