Monday, April 17, 2006

Blends Grand Opening.

In the heart of LA now lies the newest location of Blends -- a sneaker and now clothing store, right smack dabb off of 4th street and Spring, downtown, just east of the toy district. Congrats to the Blends cats for an amazing store in an amazing location. We arrive to the opening "fashionably late" by about 2 hours -- as we drive by we witnessed roughly 100+ people waiting in line. After gawking at the line, we finally make our way out of the cars and straight inside. Thanks to the Blends family for their hospitality by walking us right in and providing us with exquisite beverages (booze). Definitely stop by the store when you get the chance -- 125 W. 4th st. #106 Los Angeles, Ca 90013.

We got inside and head straight for the keg. A keg... yeah... it's been a minute. I got a lil marker crazy and started writing all over the "autograph wall" -- bb$ owned it.

There's not much more to the story except that we had a great time and of course ran into several people. A band played later that night but we had taken off -- heard that I missed out. My camera happened to die just when I wanted to use it the most(what's new), but here's some randomness with the babie$, Ashley from Supra, cute employees working the door, Jerry from Grey One, Vgrnts, and some other shit.

Downtown LA -- that's my hood -- don't sleep on it.

- Laxxx