Friday, April 14, 2006

The Daily Grind III

Bubble Gum Beeper - fuck all that modern candy, I keep shit real, real-street. So the gum might be stale, but I still clip this beeper to my hip at times because it feels so nostalgic. Theres even little messages on the the wrapper of each stick of bubble gum. Yeah mother fucker- i'm busy, beep me later.

3 lighters, Louis Vuitton ID case with built-in lighter, and matches - A bitch can't have enough fire. F'real -- spark up the bleez, cancer-sticks, and make the mood romantic and light a candle. Plus yall know niggas are shady now a days -- taking my lighters and shit -- I need to be extra prepared. One for the club, one for the car, and one that you probably will rob me of. Unless I take my id case/lighter in one ---man that shit is a remarkable invention. Sorry gotta leave my brownbaggie in the car and just whip it out for the night.

Birth control pills - we don't need any little brown BABIES running around yet. That's like full fledged dynasty in effect right there -- so I look out for the world, until yall are ready for a second generation of me.

Chanel Earrings - Imma admit this to yall -- I'm an accessories freak, but I'm taking a break from the bling right now and am into my second love -- PLASTIC jewelry. COCO makes me feel a little more legit -- those white ones are just one of the many plastic CC earrings I own. Ask my girls -- they call me Punky Brewster... I mean gangster.

Documents - this includes my French Crepe restaurant menu from the Farmer's market --shit, a bitch needs to eat -- I like to keep it international and my choices open. Also includes my payroll stub from Stones Throw -- I gotta keep my finances balanced, and lastly a Letter from the Hollywood police department asking me about an incident at a club I was a witness too -- I got that shit months ago and haven't answered -- but I still keep it in my bag -- why? You tell me.

Keys - The only keys I own are the ones to my parents house, my mail box, my office, and my Lexus. Yes I drive a Lex, aka the Laxus. I know.. A little gay, but oh well my rides pretty sweet. Come, I'll take you for one. I got the typical touristy I heart NY keychain though, and thanks to my boo for buying me a Marc Jacobs rat keychain... It always reminds me of how sweet heis for spending one whole dollar on that just for me.

Body Spray - I like to smell good. I always smell good. People always tell me I smell good. Now you know why. Spritz here and there -- can cover up the weed smell after I hotbox my Lexus. Coconut-Lime too -- reminds me of that song -- you put the lime in the coconut ... Doo da doo yadda yadda la la la...

Ghostface + Dj Ayres cd - If yall know me, I love good music. ENOUGH SAID.

- Lax