Monday, April 10, 2006

The Daily Grind

A woman's purse holds the key to what really keeps that broad on the move. Take a look inside and most of ya would be suprised as to what we all need on a daily basis. Some might call it ridiculous, but I with most girls weed out the bare necessities. Take a look into my bag, get a feel for me.. then move onto nats cause her shits alot more interesting.

Dumped everything out and pretty much got one of those "are you fucking kidding me?" looks on my face. I really had this stuff still in my purse and they wanted me to put it on the blog?

Superglue: I'll be quite honest, this should be a common necessity to keep in your purse. Why wouldn't you need superglue handy? Worst case scenario: Your cheap nail which was half assed done in some grimey spot pops completely the fuck off.. VOILA! Who needs a fill? Just glue that shit back on and you'll be straight for days.

Brush: Make sure your weave is always on point, no matter what time of the day.

Chanel No 5: Enough said. Theres no introduction to coco. If you need it, dont bother reading the rest of this.

MAC Makeup: Red Lipstick, CHECK. Gold eyeshadow, CHECK. Jet black liner, CHECK. Keeping that beauty shit on lock, MOTHERFUCKING CHECK.

Bling: Chains, Ropes, Bamboos, etc. Anything for emergency flossin material. The flyest baby is always the shiniest.

Morning After Pill: Ladies, don't feel embarrassed if you ever have this stashed away. Sex happens, mistakes happen. Be safer when the safest becomes defective.

Wanna know more about a girl? Look in her purse..
I keep my shit minimal, basics only bitches! Don't judge, don't talk shit, just accept it for what it is. You may be shocked, suprised, disgusted, disappointed, or just bored. Whatever. Welcome to my purse..

Cell phone: I swear i lose this thing at least once a month.

$$$: When Des is poor, I gotta play "Momma Nat" (so she calls me), and take care of her. "1 soda, 2 straws" "Broke-a$$ bitch"

House33 lighter: My favorite lighter EVER!! Thanks for keeping up the supply Bobby.

Sharpies: I have A.D.D..i can't sit still at all. Sharpies get me thru the day. I write on EVERYTHING.

Cali Chronic: Ha! Whatchu know about that?

Metro Card: One of the reasons I love New York, fuck sitting in traffic.

Rebel Ape key by SSUR: The key to the city..Some ill shit..get on that.

Cali drivers license: World's worst id picture ever! cover-up provided by C.S.B.C sticker


A new Brownbaby purse coming your way soon...