Monday, November 20, 2006


Lack of updates -- yeah don't yell at us anymore. We are trying to get shit together, but for timing we started a new weekly post about our weekly favorite things. From lipgloss, new music, new nail colors, styles, movies, trends, gear, food and wine, kicks and boots, sex positions to art, ALSO anything random that consist of our daily brownbabies lifestyle. We hope you enjoy and can relate to what we feel is what is hot currently... coming from our different but mutual bb$ crue.

BB$ xoxoxo

Lovely Miss Laxxx Murda's picks for the week...

Neutrogena's All-Over Shimmer Sheers. With the fall/winter season screaming creamy and shimmery cheeks and eyes and lips this is the perfect product to accomodate the entire face... and comes in several tints, and it's non-greasy and non-sticky (Fuck that fly paper shit!) It's become a part of my make-up routine, and will probably continue after the winter season.

Clipse new Album " Hell Hath No Fury " .. glad they're back bringing back REALER raps about cocaine and miami, as well as more lazers in the beats. BITCH I'M TRILLL!

Not only because that's her day job, but Stones Throw teams up with Adult Swim to present their newest release " Chrome Children" -- music from Madvillain, J Dilla, Madlib, and many others - don't sleep.

Short Nails..this week, probably month, or season, short, well manicured nails are what's in but also what's comfortable, and that's always a plus. Vampy colors, million dollar reds, and black satin are going to keep you looking classy and fun at the same time, but also abling you to type a full message on your blackberry or sidekick without having 15 typos. My fav -- Chanel Black Satin and YSL Red Desire.

Laura's picks for the week...

Finally Tamia is back! My fav R&B singer new album " Between Friends" banging album for ladies night out.

Sigh. Copped these orange thigh highs..perfect for the season. If you don't want to be too covered up for winter.. snag some of these with a skirt & a turtle neck.

T on Fairfax LA ... yum. all vegan or vegetarian meals. Great teas, great atmosphere and free wi-fi. My fav place to grub on fairfax. Trust me just order the Grilled chesse or the BLT!
435 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, 90036

70's jumpsuits...gime gime.. what ive been hunting for at the thrift stores. luv to find buried treasure. Good for winter and its a damn one-piece your good to go..

Great flick of the week " Leon the professional" Released in 1994 ..Léon (aka The Professional) is a story of a lone hitman in New York who saves the life of a 12-year-old girl after her family is murdered. He insists that she leave the next morning but the girl, Mathilda, wants to learn to be a "cleaner" so she can avenge the death of her family. Natalie Portman is adorable in this movie.