Saturday, March 18, 2006


sorry sorry sorry -- lack of updates -- shame on us. we know. we know, so stop telling me what's up with the blog because it'll be updated a lot more. APRIL APRIL APRIL LADIE$! tell your men to $ave up some ca$h so they can splurge on you for your brownbaby apparel needs, and that's word. DROPPING WORLDWIDE -- and on digital gravel too -- for you weirdos that don't leave your computer.

so what else is there to report? Well the brown bunnie$ on the east are holding it down -- grammer shots (maria) and her east coast tour from miami to philly with Amanda Blank that's what -- and Natalie getting mad love from Lupe Fiasco and holding down Stussy-- go visit her. As for the babie$ on the west -- Des is workin hard at Grey One so go visit her as well, and Lax is holding it down @ Stones Throw so go buy albums from them.


(sorry bobby had to steal it. love you)