Wednesday, March 29, 2006

bb$ reunite


NY newscap via a la boobies:

My first plane ride ever and I was welcomed with open arms in lovely Lower East Side. I had such a wonderful time and the weather was even quite pleasant. It was Phil (Reason) birthday and the na$ty nat and desboobs came in to ring it in brownbabies style. Nat and I painted the town red at alot of spots but really held it down at happy endings. Lets just say when Nat gets a little too much patron in her system, she starts going after people with her teeth. Rob of mightyhealthy can for sure back that up!

Ladies if youre ever in uptown, hit up the dominican nail spots. They fade your shit mad nice and sing to you at the same time. Hell they might even take your picture..

Didnt really do all the touristy spots (only cause ill be back realll soon) but I must hand it to you New York.. you sure do know how to win a brownbaby over. Loved the Grays papayas, the family at sway, and canal street.

I got back into LA last night and just in time for the Union LA party tonight.
See all youse regulars, dont forget to buy us ladies a whiskey and coke.

-des brownbabyboobsone.