Friday, September 22, 2006

Good Deeds! via our make-up guru Bri

Eve, Debbie Harry Dita Von Teese and Lisa Marie Presely (cringe) have all joined forces to become the new spokes representatives of MAC's Viva Glam VI (that's 6, for you people that haven't learned your roman numerals yet) campaign!The ads are absolutely stunning! Enough to make you want to buy every shade! (which may I add only cost $14!) and 100% of the proceeds go to people living with HIV/AIDS. So NO returning 6 empty containers for this shade! (shame on you) This is a charity lipstick, people! Believe it or not, I am not a fan of lipglass (it's too sticky and your hair always gets stuck to it) but the new color in Viva Glam VI is gorgeous, and is a great shade on anyone. Check out for more info on winning all 6 shades!


If you're really in need of a karma adjustment, the LA AIDS WALK takes place October 15th! get your lazy asses off myspace, and do something that actually matters. Walk or work the event. I a long with a few of my MAC girls will be there, huffing and puffing our well blotted little asses off!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST..... The Party. Yes, what would this blog be without "THE PARTY" ? The most fabulous star studed event of the year, will be held Saturday October 7th! @ Aphrodisiac(10351 Santa Monica Blvd). Please RSVP: Hors D'oeuvres and free shots ALL night. Did I mention there would be free shots ALL night? I look forward to seeing you there, a long with K-FED! (you heard it here first, kids K-FED!)

ciao bitches,

Glossy BB$