Thursday, September 21, 2006

Whatchu know about the ladies on the east?

Alright folks, just in case you forgot.. a few of the babies left for the east coast a couple of months back. Although we've been living it up and giving the right coast a little taste of the ladies back from the left, we never had the chance to document it.
Nat and Des got an apartment in bushwick and are hopefully next month expecting a visit from some of the rest of the bb$, trying to get a housewarming complete with ruckus and mid-day debauchery in nyc.
So back to before, we finally got ahold of a camera AND a usb cord. We took over this cute spot called Leopard Lounge that throws some ill reggae dancehall craze every sunday. So expect our faces there, complete with drink in hand, and us showing a thing or two on the dancefloor.