Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hand It Ova!

In case you didn't know, Michael Jackson is a glorified GOD in Japan. The King of Pop arrived in Narita, Japan on March 4th, where he held a "Fan Appreciation" party later in the evening. Jackson invited a small amount of "privileged" (in his words) fans to attend a gathering where the attendees could pay $3,500 to shake his hand and have 30-seconds with the pop star. Chump change, right? Is it just me or is that absolutely ludicrous?!...yet sort of fascinating. Reporters speculate Jackson is holding these parties in an attempt to crawl out of his financial plummet. Peep this video of Jackson's airport arrival and everyone in the airport having a huge orgasm over it:

And now...a throwback of my ALL TIME FAVORITE music video. I know, he's a tad off, but gawd I love this man. Enjoy!

He He Heee -Ash=)