Sunday, January 15, 2006

BB$ = busy babie$.

Sorry for the lack of updates yall -- we've been swamped this weekend so we decided to create a photo blog of the events that occurred during the past few days. The Downtown Don (A-ron) dropped by LA so you know that meant trouble. We hit up the re:up party, the OC, party at the Hollywood cemetery on Friday the 13th, Saturday hit up LAB 101 for Ricky Powell the funky uncle for his amazing exhibit of his amazing photography, Nacional for Ice Cream's team demo after party, and we still are drunk from last night. I'm typing this in my pajamas. BIG THINGS LA. BIG THINGS NY. BIG THINGS WORLD. It's a lifestyle yall.

Enjoy these nonsense filled photos.

babies @ the re:up magazine party on Tuesday -- stones throw x bb$ -- babie$ love peanut butter wolf.

Bartending Babie$ -- Wednesday night -- taking over the OC for a night.

it's always a good thing when your friends are behind the bar.

Laura and Nat -- bonding.

and for 2 days -- we left our cameras in the car.

Des and Danny (Fresh Jive/CSBC) WBL!!! @ LAB 101.

Missy(Re:UP) and Lax cheese-cakin' it at LAB 101.

Ricki Kim (Evil Monito)and Lax hanging out @ LAB 101.

Ricki Powell -- the man of the hour.

Jupiter (SW/CSBC) , a random hippie doing yoga?, Danny.

Des laughing @ Nat as she taps that ass.

Bri, Nat, and Lax -- @ Nacional for the Ice Cream Demo after party.
Oh yeah - Pharrell was there.

Astrid comes out to play @ Nacional.