Saturday, January 07, 2006

bb$ = loosetooth = take over

The babie$ came in full effect last night at loosetooth/josephs in hollyhood. Everyone got in lot lizard mode and handeled that night like nobodies business.
Also mark your calendars because bb$ x the hundreds x plain gravy taking over @loosetooth on Jan 26th. A bidding farewell the lovely bb$ Nat and Maria as they pack up their shit and become bi-coastal. Its A NEW YORK THING yall. bb$ = west x east

Des; paint on her nails.

lax and mr kim (evil monito) boozing it up.

nat and vince bff 4 ever.

nat and NA (supreme) cheesecake smilin'.

lot lizards

cody grnappletree with the sharpest blade

lax bought a lip plumper

self explanatory

lax and nick diamond getting hyphy

shes a handful. Holler at Plain Gravy's new tee!!

dainty fucks

what the he!

coco loves tounge