Monday, January 29, 2007

Hott Boy Heart Throbs

One night the girls and I had a heated discussion about the hotties that haunted our past adolescent lives. Majority of these sexy ass dudes consisted of long black hair, skinny frames, grungy & dirty, smoking a cigarette, and can naturally swoon the ladies. Why they were so cute... and why they got our panties in a twist! So I narrowed it down to these fine gentlemen. Toast!.. to these early 90's hotties that covered your teeny BOP, tiger beat magazines!

and in American history x

Edward Furlong ... first seen on Terminator 2! Sigh this is Coco's pick cause he was extremely hott in this movie and in most of his Calvin Klein advertisements. Too bad he's fat now..and alcoholic.

Johnny dammm Depp. Yeah yeah..but who doesn't love this amazing man. This is lax's pick for her 21 Jump Street heart throb. His looks, eyes, bone structure, he has it all...

Mike Vitar -Benny.. cuttie with the new Pf flyer's..

Leonardo D.. In Romeo and Juliet and every other damn movie he was in. He is my Ultimate gorgeous man of my teen life. Def weak in the knees and can sex me up any day. ha!

more hotties to come..stay tuned!...wa ..raaa bb$