Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Happy birthday to our all around favorites, Mr. Cody TEAMCREAM Debacker (made famous by headbutting and shittalking) and JP retired Toyko Tea headmaster (made famous as original brownbabieboy).. and no homie you aint getting that old.

Coco and I joined the two in celebrating such a joyous occasion at cinespace last night along with a couple of friends. Things got a little crazy like they always do and at the strike of midnight, Cody finally turned 21 and the young boy blossomed into adulthood (and we all thought he entered a longggg time ago)

blow it big boy.

Coco getting her crazy linda blair stare on while andy succumbs to my jug of wine and mickees.

Jp's channeling lion while I pretend he's a heineken.

budlight, not even close. thanks boys. Is that mike sooperfresh hiding underneath....

OH SHIT. everyone was busting the ingonito stance last night.

See? Yo whaddup Pepper?

Aw doesnt she look like an angel?

How about we hear what this angel has to say?


Streets of hollywood, say hello to the neon.

and last but not least, some deep insightful words from one of our fav BB$ers, Ms Coco Fo Sho.

and on that note, its a wrap.