Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hair weave and a harebrained scheme...

I would just like to echo Laura's joy and happiness at the premiere of 'I LOVE NEW YORK.' I too am ready and waiting for all the craze that that triflin ass bi polar bitch can bring. Girls, she's the friend you never wanted but cant get rid of, Guys, she's the girl you wished to hell you never brought home from the club, she's the bitch in line for the bathroom acting a fool and last but not the least, she's the crazy eyed ho who if you happen to cross...you take your shoe off, throw it at her and run like there's a fire on your ass, cause she will skin you alive and then wear your hyde. She's a fucking banshee, In my mind I see her running around like a gazelle, wearing a loincloth, screaming and letting out war cries and scalping anything that crosses her path. She's a fucking wildwoman. This show is a no brainer, it needs no introduction and the exec's at VH1 are basically jerking each other off right now cause they're so psyched about the millions they're gonna make from employing a one woman circus. New York makes me shake my head and smile "ahhh that New York, shes fucking berzerk." It's like a warm happy feeling, I think it's in part due to the fact that someone has capitolized on her nuttiness to bring me all this great couch time. It's like...good times. But can we talk about the mens who apparently VOLUNTEERED themselves? Why? Why would you do that to yourself? It's not like you dont know about the web of chaos you just got woven into. It's known. I mean I expect they stand to gain a cash prize, but lets be real...isn't keeping your dignity and your penis attached to your body worth more than a cash prize? I guess not...AND BOY AM I HAPPY ABOUT IT! These loser dicks are gonna bare the brunt of all her humiliation and evil trickery and I for one cant wait to see a bunch of plucked eyebrow male stripper fucks get completely shit on for my amusement. Maybe it's my feminist streak flaring up...but I'm glad the scale of abuse has been tipped. I want to see BOYS CRY this time. I'm talking emotional breakdowns and fits of "I just cant take it anymore!!" Oooooooo, it's gonna be good. It's like an unwrapped preasent...ANYTHING could be in there. We're just gonna have to wait and watch. See you on the couch ladies.


Maria Maria