Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Vegas Bound Babies

While the other Brownbabie girls partied in NYC, London, LA, and Miami. Us..plus a few
1 million other crazy drunken people joined us for New Years on the Las Vegas Strip.
Pure chaos
despite the 6 hour traffic delay, the 12 dozen fights that broke out, and even amongst the numerous crowd, and the boob flashing..it was insanely fun. The strip was filled side by side with people, even small children, but we all smashed right next to each other and wished everyone a Happy fuckin New Year..drunk, cold, and drunkk....
Big Winners at the liquor store (ashlypoo)while picking up the booze

Sushi feens ..dinner @ RA

The sea of Heads

You gotta kiss your man on countdown

Drank bitches walkin

No glass on the strip..so keep you booze in the bottle

All these bills for 2007..money makin 07


Best pic of the weekend. Happened in the lobby on our way out.
Homie Mike got worked from a crew of lesbian black women. Lol hillarious

The Margarita that slapped Ash in the Face
( stunned )

Into Ballys to win some Chipss

the f'n Piano Keys @ FAO Schwarz

Happy 2007 guys! Make this year positive and amazing..
We love you guys..
Ashley poo and Laura