Thursday, January 25, 2007


Every tuesday yall, even if the party isnt so banging, you know Cocofosho and I will be there with a half a brandy to the dome and taking full advantages of the open bar.
We showed up just a twosome and ended up taking over that place! Ran into alot of familiar faces and as the night progressed, their faces looked less and less familiar.
We handeled our bizness on the dancefloor and even spotted 2 brothers of HANSON! haha get ready for future blogs BB$ X HANSON yall.

While waiting in line for the bar, I couldnt get over how adorable this boy is to the right. He was feeling his own tune and I had to take a picture of him.

Ran into the flashiest motherlickas around, Mr Vgrnts Hassan and Good ol Chris. I dont know if my camera was ready enough for all that sparkle.. but it was going to have to try.


He's got mad love for the us ladies.

Take a good look folks and learn from the best.

Omarpino gets red like he always does after about 2 drinks and cant control his facial expressions. jk jkj kjkj ok no really.

Glossy eyes and drink in hand? you know what that means.

coco looking flyer than ever, whats up with that jumpsuit girl? SHIT WOMAN.

ventured into the smooth smokey lounge and kind of just bombarded these guys' booth. I dont think they seemed to mind.


And on that note, I leave you with this.

See ya next tues cinespace.