Sunday, January 28, 2007


KidRobot did a launch party at the standard hotel downtown and us ladies we're lucky to do that VIP tip. We attacked once again the open bar and got to scope out some ill art. As the night progressed, the girls were hassled by the bathroom by these injured boys professing their drunk love.. and Ash even got to snag her own personal white rapper.

The party then made its way over to La Cita, where Obey was throwing a party. The girls got even more reckless and words really couldnt express that night.
So it looks like its on to the pictures...

Laura and Ash parking lot posin.

Boobs and Ash; check out that fire on that ring.


a bevy of beauties.


Coco trying to scoop a taste.

Ash attacked the wall at the party, but look a little closer....

HAHAHA Sorry all you bapestas, that shit is played out!

Off to LA CITA where we met up with some of the GOODGIRLS (SF).
gotta love these ladies.

its a bb$ sandwich

somewhat the crowd.

laxxx knows how to have a good time yall.

now we're talking!

SOMEONE FIND THIS GUY FOR ME! he was in like 3 of our photos doing the exact same pose. And no its not tony csbc..

this is tony csbc.

tony and his lady aska.

always a wise cracker jemz.