Friday, January 19, 2007

Get ready everyone, We're back!

Greetings from all the of us. The babie$ decided to stop messing around and get together for a thursday night of debauchery. With my trusty camera in hand, I watched shot by shot the unwraveling of the old hollywood spectacles the girls and I usually created during the week.
We pregamed at lax's house and watched my super sweet 16 (yo someone through up on that bitch! hilarious!), and got set to head out and cause a ruckus.

Ash holding down the mamas and the davy crockett steeze. Show em how its done girl.

Just got to Winstons; laura and ash teaming up.

Low and behold, SF is in the building. Got love for those GoodGirls.

Coco Fo Sho making all the boys go heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
cameo made by ashs arm.

YO A$h, get on that bathroom stance quick!

Speaking of hello kitty, check out the new ride peeped by the girls.
Shit is mothalicking fire.

Dont worry ma, we'll take good care of her.

Oh snap, guess who popped in.

I had to jump in front of the camera just once, I love benny.

Yall bitches are drunk.

Oh man, rolling deep never felt so good.