Friday, February 02, 2007


Upset that you can't afford the hot new Marc Jacobs or YSL bags? Upset that when you do get your current dream handbag that it justs gets swallowed up by a totally new collection and your bag becomes outdated? Girls, lets face it, sometimes we just want to have a certain items like handbags and accesories that are very expensive and probably can't afford... but just to have it for just once or for a week, possibly a month without having to pay $1400 and then getting over it in 2 months! Well the resolution is They got all the trendy to high end brands to suit your certain style and feel. I mean seriously borrowing a Gucci Couture Collection bag for a week for $85 for a certain outfit or just to be flashy and feel special for the week, GO SPOIL YOURSELF without having to drop a months rent! Ok so sure you rather OWN one, but what's wrong w/ renting one, and the shipping isn't that much, it's $9.95 for roundtrip shipping.

[Rent her for $100 a week as a guest, or $80 a month as a member -- which is around $15 a month to become one.

They also got insurance starting from $1 to $11 depending on brand and time borrowed. They carry all the brands you could care for. Go ahead and rent your next hot handbag. But if you fall in love with the one you are renting, you can rent to own. Yeah sounds amazing right? I won't tell if you won't tell. Only bad part is, is that sometimes there are waiting lists!

Peep a simple explanation.