Monday, February 26, 2007

All Things Must Come to Fruition, My Dear.

"It takes a true knowledge and deep understanding of what streetwear is and the colorful history behind its formulation to respect where it's going" -Fruition.

Fruition is a streetwear boutique based out of a place no one would ever think to find sneakers and hoodies roaming around: sin city. Many of you believe this to be "so last week", but a lot of the hype surrounding Fruition hasn't reached the East Coast and Mid-West street wear clientele. I visited the store during the Magic tradeshow in Vegas last week during their party, which Adidas sponsored. They were SO hospitable! After my 4th Jack and Coke I came to the realization that I was standing beside Kelis' stylist forever and didn't say a word. Genius.

So! Here's a little peak into this hidden groove of streetwear, called FRUITION:
Check the site @

Muah! -A$hley