Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yes sir the Ladies are working real Hard! And no we ain't sleeping.. just busy, working, partying, relaxing, and observing. But we receive hundreds of lovely messages asking whats really goin on with our new line?! Where are the shirts?! Like these sweet ass messages <3:

Uniqlo: "I know ur probably get asked this question alot but when are u guys gonna start selling more of ur clothing . I've been tryna buy are shirt since last summer and they've been sold out all over the Internet. please i don't care if its new designs I just want to be the first person in Maryland to have a Brown Babies shirt!"


seVee: "Hey girls!
Love your clothes, your style, everything around you all is perfect.
I'm from Paris, and I'd love to get some of your Tshirt collection but I don't know where to go....It seems hard to find it here.
Do you have and online store or something?
Or maybe it's coming with the new website, is it? Please, Just keep me updated."

So.. here is a tiny bite of whats in store this upcoming season!
getttt readddyyyy ya'lllllll >>>> Coming real soon