Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Malibu Babie$ Camera Phone Adventures

Yesterday, I met up with Maria ,Lax, Will, and some of Maria's boys from Philly at the Santa Monica pier. It was so windy that once I got there I instantly remembered why I'd only been there once in my life. Not that the place isn't fun they have rides, games, funnel cake, you name it! but when I got the tickets for the rides , this miserable looking 16 year old working behind the booth tried to give me lip but I guess I'd have a bad attitud too if I worked the ticket booth on the Santa Monica pier! HA HA!

Mario"Young Christopher Reeves" *Maria* and Cesar lookin' jazzy in the arcade.

Awww Lax and I on the Kiddie Rides!

After all of the funnel cake, rollercoasters and photobooths we callled it a wrap... or better yet I guess you can say once the weed wore off, it was time to go to dinner.

Lax made reservations at Moonshadow in Malibu.
Yes, that's right kids "THE 'BU!" (I honestly couldn't stop thinking about Jamie Kennedy in Malibu's Most Wanted after we pulled into valet listening to Three Six Mafia.)

Ocean front view, intimate candle lit dining, futons with bottle service. The works. This is THE ULTIMATE "date spot".

we shared the most in depth discussion about the importance of "dating whoever you want, but marrying jewish", Brittney Spear's hair weave and the true meaning of K. Fed's self proclaimed Brazilian ass shaker " Popozao"...

"You's Guys."

I'm going to miss Maria, but The day was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

Ex's and Oh's

--Bri "Glossy" BB$