Thursday, June 01, 2006


Since summer has rolled around some of my friends throw this amazing weekly @ Crane's Tavern in Hollywood every Sunday called "Do Over" -- so basically if I am posting it up here I am letting you know how fun it is. $26 Carafes of bangin' Sangria -- bangin' bbq, good music, a fun vibe -- you really can't go wrong. Plus it's a Sunday -- so after church get yr sangria and grub on and come hang out -- smoke a blunt, meet some people, make a mess. Please just leave your $300 hoodies and limited shoes at home -- why? a) Because it's summer and it's probably going to be over 75 degrees outside and b) Because you are allowed to wear your flip flops and stroll in hungover from the night before. No excuses.

- Laxxx