Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year babie$!

Hello Lovelies,

The BB'$ have been busy eating food, drinking wine and being gluttonous little bunnies. We'll be getting on the treadmill and back to work right after the New Year. On the agenda for the 2 G '06 is : The highly anticipated and much requested men's tee's as well as new designs and fresh new colorways for the ladies. We're excited and you should be too, the new shirts are gonna be sick with it. The official Brown Babie$ website is also in the works, Cyberspace y'all! Technology n shit. We're also very excited at the outreach and response from some of our favorite brands. This year holds some ridiculous collaborations from the BB'$ and a few surprise guests, just wait and see, you're gonna love it!


In a bit of news,
O.G. BB'$ Maria and Natalie are taking the dyna$ty on the road. They will be branching out and settting up the East Coast operations. Browntown Babie$ y'all. BB + NYC. It's a new york thing. Ya know? Come say goodbye to the girls at the BB sponsored Loosetooth at Joseph's in Hollywood, January 19th, 2006. Bring a blunt and say yer goodbye's. It's gonna be a party...BB Ste.

We, the Brown Baby family wish you and yer fam a wonderful and pro$perous New Year. Be Good, Keep warm and stay tuned for the freshness in store.

We Love you guy's!