Thursday, December 15, 2005

BB$ are back in LA.

We just got back into LA and before I get into all the details I just really want to thank everyone in NY for making us feel welcome and coming to our parties. Special thanks to Roxy and A-ron for everything. Shout outs to Mighty Healthy, Leah from MOB, and A-Life as well. Mad respects.

aNYways... the trip was amazing, cold, but amazing. I am currently uploading the photos from our trip and will place a link if you want to check them out... but for timing check out my homegirl Roxy's page for photos from the Browntown Babies party and the Boost Mobile party @

Some news to wrap things up... BB$ has been getting a lot of love, worldwide -- much respects to that. We have a lot of things coming up in 06 -- so you definitely want to stay tuned.

Lastly... we are almost sold out of the limited BB$ x THE HUNDREDS shirts for girls -- we only have a few left in white, size L... buy them @

I leave you with MIGHTY HEALTHY + BB$ + THE HUNDREDS what!

- BB$